Thunder Bay Weather – Looking forward to Christmas? A 30% Chance of Snow

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Tuesday’s Transition: From Clear Skies to Gentle Clouds ☀️➡️🌥️

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – As Tuesday unfolds in Thunder Bay, a gradual transition is witnessed in the skies. The morning welcomes a clearing ambiance, with winds becoming a westerly breeze at 20 km/h, occasionally gusting to 40. The high temperature reaches a modest minus 1, though the morning wind chill remains brisk at minus 17, later easing to a more moderate minus 5 in the afternoon. The UV index holds low, complementing the tranquil winter day.

Evening Prelude: Clouds Whispering on the Horizon ☁️🌄

As evening approaches, a soft prelude unfolds in the form of increasing cloudiness. A gentle breeze, with speeds up to 15 km/h, accompanies the changing sky. The temperature gracefully descends to a low of minus 13, with wind chills fluctuating between a crisp minus 8 in the evening and a more biting minus 18 overnight.

Wednesday’s Canvas: A Blend of Sun and Clouds, with a Gentle Breeze ❄️⛅

Wednesday paints a canvas of a winter day adorned with a mix of sun and clouds. The wind, a subtle companion at up to 15 km/h, guides the temperature to a high of minus 6. Wind chills begin at a chilly minus 19 in the morning, later moderating to a milder minus 10 in the afternoon. The UV index maintains its low profile, accentuating the serene winter atmosphere.

Night’s Embrace: Enveloped in Clouds, with a Temperature of Minus 8 ☁️🌙

As night unfurls its embrace, Thunder Bay finds itself under a blanket of clouds. The temperature rests at a quiet minus 8, creating a tranquil atmosphere for a peaceful night’s rest.

Christmas Glimpse: December 25th holds the promise of a cloudy Christmas, adorned with a 30% chance of snowflurries. Stay tuned for more details as the festive day approaches!

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