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THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – As the United States gears up for the Thanksgiving holiday, travellers and residents across the eastern part of the country should brace for a range of challenging weather conditions.

As many Canadians make plans to head south as well either for holidays, Black Friday shopping or football, the weather could impact travel plans.

Storm Systems on the Move

  • Early Week: A significant storm system is sweeping across the eastern U.S., potentially disrupting both air and ground travel on Tuesday and Wednesday. After triggering severe thunderstorms in the South, heavy rain is expected from the Tennessee Valley to the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Great Lakes and Northeast: Wintry precipitation, including snow, is anticipated over parts of the Great Lakes and interior Northeast, with Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine likely to see significant snowfall.
  • Thanksgiving Day: A new storm system developing over the northern Rockies could bring light snow from Montana into Colorado.
  • Friday and Beyond: Another storm system may emerge in the South, potentially bringing rain and snow to the East Coast into Saturday.

Travel Concerns Early in the Week

  • Tuesday: Challenging conditions are expected across the eastern U.S., with wet snow or a rain-snow mix in regions like southern Wisconsin and northern Michigan. Heavy rain may also affect areas from Chicago to the Gulf Coast and east into the Appalachians, with sleet or freezing rain possible in higher terrains.
  • Wednesday: By night, the focus shifts to northeast Pennsylvania, New York, and New England with mixed precipitation.

Regional Forecasts

  • Chicago: Rain expected through Tuesday noon, with temperatures in the 40s.
  • Atlanta: Wet and breezy until midday Tuesday, temperatures in the 60s.
  • Washington: Rain from sunrise Tuesday, breezy, with temperatures in the 50s.
  • Boston: Rain Tuesday night into Wednesday, with highs in the 50s.
  • Berlin, N.H.: Snow Tuesday night, possibly mixing with or changing to rain on Wednesday.

Thanksgiving Day Outlook

  • As the storm in the Northeast moves away, the focus turns to the Rockies. Snow is likely in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, spreading into Colorado by Thursday night. Denver may see a sharp temperature drop from the 60s on Wednesday to the 20s by Friday.

Uncertain Weekend Forecast

  • While Friday appears quieter across much of the country, another storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico or Southeast raises uncertainties for the weekend, possibly bringing wet weather to the Gulf Coast and Southeast.

Travellers and residents should remain vigilant and stay updated on the latest weather conditions as this dynamic weather pattern unfolds.

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