REAL-TOK: The Future of Real Estate Investment on the Ethereum blockchain

REAL-TOK: The Future of Real Estate Investment on the Ethereum blockchain

 In recent years, the advent of blockchain technology has ushered in a radical shift in the financial and investment landscape. And now, a new cryptocurrency known as REAL-TOK is poised to revolutionize the real estate world.

REAL-TOK innovatively harmonizes the potential of cryptocurrencies with the real values of real estate, promising an unprecedented opportunity to invest in real estate profitably.

In this article, we look closely at REAL-TOK and explore its potential as a game changer for real estate enthusiasts.

What is REAL-TOK?

REAL-TOK is an innovative cryptocurrency that will be backed by real estate assets in the future. It is to bridge the gap between the crypto market and the traditional real estate market. Hence, it offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate in the future simply and cost-effectively.

The REAL-TOK token (RLTO) is an ERC-20 token powered on the Ethereum Blockchain. It’s the utility token of the REAL-TOK ecosystem.The token will be accepted by the project’s partners to pay for broker fees as well as real estate sales and leases. Compared to the traditional method, it ensures faster and more efficient transactions and investments

What Are the Top 10 Reasons to Buy REAL-TOK (RLTO)?

1) Easy Access To Global Real Estate Market

With the REAL-TOK (RLTO), you can participate in real estate projects worldwide, even with a small investment volume starting from 50 USD or EUR.

2) Generation of Passive Rental Income

The REAL-TOK (RLTO) helps you generate passive rental income and benefit from sales profits from our partners’ projects.

3) Access to Discounts & Benefits

In the future, real estate buyers and tenants can benefit from discounted rates on real assets up to 10% and receive bonuses with the REAL-TOK (RLTO).

4) Efficient Investment Management

Our management team, with over 30 years of experience in real estate and finance, will fully manage your investment.

5) Token Value Growth

REAL-TOK will be strictly limited by an amount of tokens. This makes it benefit from a deflationary character.

6) Transparency and Security of Transactions

All transactions will be transparent and secured via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

7) Availability of Early Bird Bonus (Up To 15%)

You can get REAL-TOK (RLTO) now at a discounted rate during our pre-sale phase, starting from 5%.

8) Real Estate NFT’s Marketplace

Investors participating in REAL-TOK (RLTO) and holding our token will benefit from early bird access to our NFT Marketplace featuring our partners’ real estate projects.

9) High Demand For Token

Our network of international real estate companies will accept REAL-TOK (RLTO) as a currency. Hence, there will be a high demand for the token.

10) Up to 10%P.A. Staking Reward ( starting from 5%) 

Staking will be implemented, and investors can benefit additionally from 5% interest p.a. for holding the token.

What are the Top 5 features of REAL-TOK?

1) Use of Blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security 

One of the most prominent features of REAL-TOK is the use of Ethereum’s tamper-proof blockchain technology (ERC-20), which provides more transparency and security. Every prospective property on the platform is represented by smart contracts on the blockchain, making buying and selling real estate shares more efficient and faster. This also eliminates the cost of intermediaries, as REAL-TOK works with its very own international network of partners, resulting in much lower costs for investors. After all, the profit is already in the purchase.

2) Democratization of the real estate market 

One of the most remarkable features of REAL-TOK is the democratization of the real estate market. Thanks to the digital nature of cryptocurrency, investors from all over the world can invest in real estate without geographical restrictions.

Even with limited and small capital, investors can acquire shares in lucrative real estate in the future and benefit from the potential increases in value.

3) Liquidity and flexibility 

Traditionally, real estate investments involve long-term commitments and are difficult to make liquid. REAL-TOK changes this by allowing investors to re-sell their shares in the properties easily and safely!

This makes real estate investments more flexible and liquid. It also allows for greater control over the investment portfolio.

4) Security and Regulation 

REAL-TOK takes the security and regulation of its platform very strictly. The properties represented by the partner network are carefully selected. Our team of experts with more than 30 years of experience inspects and reviews all real estate investments in compliance with all stringent legal guidelines. In addition to our valuation, all properties are certified by a court-sworn appraiser.

Investors can rest assured that their investments are in safe and valuable real estate.

5) Decentralized Marketplace for properties and NFTs

REAL-TOK introduces a decentralized marketplace for real estate-backed tokens and NFTs on the blockchain. This facilitates direct peer-to-peer interaction between property sellers and prospective homeowners, and cuts off intermediary costs.

What are the Top 7 Game-changing Benefits of the REAL-TOK Platform?

1) Direct access to the real estate market without expensive intermediaries.

2) Global investment opportunities for investors worldwide.

3) Increased liquidity by trading real estate shares on official exchanges.

4) Transparent and secure transactions through smart contracts on the blockchain.

5) Democratization of real estate investments through low entry thresholds.

6) Deflationary character due to a strictly limited number of unit shares, which will remain stable.

7) Opportunities for various discounts and bonuses by using the RLTO token.

How To Buy REAL-TOK (RLTO) Tokens

We’ve made it simple for you to buy REAL-TOK tokens. Here’s how:

1) Create an account with P2B crypto exchange

2) Purchase REAL-TOK tokens directly with P2B

3) Receive RLTO, and begin to enjoy your way to success.



REAL-TOK is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency breaking into the market with its vast capacity to redefine various aspects of the real estate market forever. The innovative combination of blockchain technology and real estate assets allows investors to enter the lucrative real estate market and enjoy transparency, cost-effectiveness, and liquidity.

With REAL-TOK, the future of real estate investing is more promising and accessible than ever before.


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