Elder Abuse Case Leads to Arrests in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Police Unit at Thunder Bay Court

Investigation and Arrests

UPDATED – The Thunder Bay Police Service has arrested two individuals in this case.

A 517 Publication ban was issued on this instance and details of the case can not be published until after the case has been concluded or the court lifts the publication ban.

Charges Explained

The accused face several charges:

  • Failure to Provide the Necessaries of Life: Under Section 215 of the Criminal Code, this charge implies neglect or failing to provide life necessities, potentially resulting in a maximum prison term of 5 years.
  • Forcible Confinement: Defined in Section 279(2), this involves unlawfully confining a person, which can lead to imprisonment for up to 10 years.
  • Criminal Breach of Trust: Per Section 336, it involves a person dishonestly using authority, potentially incurring up to 14 years in prison.
  • Theft by Person Holding Power of Attorney: This falls under general theft provisions, which, if the value exceeds $5,000, could lead to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment (Section 334).
  • Assault: Section 266 covers this, carrying a maximum sentence of 5 years.
  • Fraud Over $5000: According to Section 380(1)(a), this charge can result in imprisonment for up to 14 years.

Both accused have been released pending a future court date.

When a 517 publication ban is put into effect in Canada, it prohibits the publication, broadcasting, or otherwise dissemination of certain information related to a court case to ensure a fair trial for the accused. These bans are common in criminal proceedings and are intended to prevent potential jurors from being influenced by media coverage of the preliminary inquiry, trial, or similar proceedings.

For news outlets, the imposition of a publication ban means they are legally required to comply with the restrictions set forth by the ban. This includes not only future reporting but also necessitates reviewing and potentially modifying or removing existing content that may violate the ban. If a news report from a police media release falls under the restrictions of the publication ban, then the news outlet would be required to comply by removing or redacting the information in question from their platform.

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