Pickle Lake Now Home to New ServiceOntario Centre

Pickle Lake

Pickle Lake, ON – Residents in and around the Township of Pickle Lake can now rejoice as the Ontario government, in collaboration with the local township, has unveiled a new ServiceOntario centre. This strategic move is set to simplify and enhance access to essential services for both individuals and businesses in the area.

The Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery, Todd McCarthy, emphasized the government’s commitment to prioritizing Ontarians by streamlining the connection to vital services. “With the launch of the new Pickle Lake ServiceOntario centre, we’re ensuring that service delivery is tailored to the needs of our communities across the board,” McCarthy stated, applauding the efforts of the Kenora District Services Board and the Township’s collaboration.

Situated at the heart of the community in the Township of Pickle Lake office at 2 Anne Street South, the centre is poised to serve as a one-stop hub for a range of government services. The facility will cater to various needs including Driver and Vehicle services, Health Card renewals, Ontario Photo Card, and Accessible Parking Permit applications. It will operate weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

James Dalzell, Mayor of Pickle Lake, highlighted the profound impact of the centre, noting it will significantly cut down travel time for local and neighbouring residents seeking crucial services. “This is a huge step forward for our community, offering accessibility and convenience right at our doorstep,” he remarked.

Henry Wall, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Kenora District Services Board, echoed the sentiment, stressing the importance of this investment by the Ontario Government and the Township of Pickle Lake. “We are dedicated to enhancing service access for families and seniors in the northern regions, and we anticipate a fruitful collaboration with the community and the Minister to further these goals,” Wall said.

This initiative by ServiceOntario is a testament to their ongoing efforts to experiment with innovative service delivery models that are customer-oriented, strengthen community ties, and remain economically viable for provincial adoption. This approach is in line with other successful models, such as the Indigenous-led ServiceOntario centre by the North Shore Tribal Council and the partnership with Employment Ontario in Eganville.

Quick Facts for the Community:

  • ServiceOntario’s online portal offers over 55 services, accessible around the clock.
  • A new virtual health card renewal service at Ontario.ca/VirtualAppointment offers remote residents a convenient option.
  • An online marriage licence application is rolling out gradually, with full implementation expected by early 2025. This autumn, it will be available in 11 municipalities, some of which are in Northern Ontario (more details at Ontario.ca/GettingMarried).
  • Residents can sign up for renewal reminders via email, text, or phone call at Ontario.ca/Reminders, or contact ServiceOntario at 1-800-387-3445 (TTY 1-800-268-7095) to stay updated on renewals for important documents.
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