Westport Fuel Systems Forges New Frontier in Rail Decarbonization


Pioneering Hydrogen Fuel Technology Adapted for Locomotive Use

Westport Fuel Systems Inc., a prominent developer of alternative fuel systems, has embarked on a trailblazing project that marks its first foray into the locomotive sector. The Canadian company announced a partnership with a top-tier global locomotive OEM to modify its cutting-edge hydrogen HPDI™ fuel system, fitting it for the OEM’s engine configurations. This two-year initiative, named the H2 HPDI proof of concept, is set to launch forthwith, with full backing from the locomotive manufacturer.

Retrofitting for a Greener Rail Industry

The transition to hydrogen fuel represents a significant step for Westport, moving beyond traditional markets to address the substantial capital demands of locomotive applications. These applications often operate in extreme conditions, requiring robust and reliable equipment. Westport’s H2 HPDI system is not just a testament to the durability of existing diesel engines but also a promising quick-fix to reduce carbon emissions in the rail industry. The Company sees this as a cost-effective method to achieve decarbonization in the sector, striking a balance between environmental responsibility and maintaining high performance.

Collaborative Efforts Toward a Zero-Emission Future

Scott Baker, Vice President of Global Engineering at Westport Fuel Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, which aims to tap into the decarbonization potential of HPDI technology for high horsepower scenarios. “The rail market is ripe for our hydrogen system,” said Baker, stressing the alignment with Westport’s mission to deliver sustainable solutions across all transportation modes. He highlighted the near-zero CO2 emissions of the H2 HPDI system as a key factor in supporting their partner’s goals to decarbonize efficiently and affordably.

A Proven Track Record in Emission Reduction

With a history rich in innovation and specialized engineering, Westport remains devoted to creating practical solutions to minimize emissions. Its track record speaks to its capacity to bring market-ready, environmentally conscious products to a wide range of transportation modes.

About Westport Fuel Systems

At the core of Westport Fuel Systems is a commitment to spearheading innovations for a sustainable future. The company is recognized globally for supplying advanced fuel delivery components and systems for various clean, low-carbon fuels to the transportation industry. Westport continues to push boundaries, combining performance and fuel efficiency with the environmental benefits crucial for tackling climate issues and improving air quality. Based in Vancouver, Canada, and with operations spreading across several continents, Westport serves an international customer base, embodying its forward-thinking philosophy.

Understanding HPDI Technology

Westport’s HPDI technology offers a cost-effective strategy to curb CO2 emissions in sectors demanding high performance, such as long-haul trucking and heavy-duty off-road applications. The HPDI fuel system provides OEMs with a versatile platform to diversify their product lines with biogas, natural gas, and hydrogen, while retaining core attributes of diesel-fueled engines. This system is pivotal for transitioning to carbon-neutral or zero-carbon fuels without sacrificing the affordability and efficiency that diesel engines provide.

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