Alberta Leading Canada to Hydrogen Powered Future


EDMONTON – TECH – Hydrogen has the potential to be a viable substitute for hydrocarbon fuel. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making it a renewable and sustainable energy source. Additionally, hydrogen-powered vehicles produce no harmful emissions, unlike conventional gasoline cars.

Hydrogen fuel cells have been used in transport for many years, but have yet to become mainstream. This is due to the cost of producing hydrogen fuel and the need for infrastructure, such as storage tanks and fueling stations.

Alberta is working toward a hydrogen powered future.

Alberta is at the forefront of the hydrogen economy in Canada, taking what the provincial governments says is a leading role in the production of clean hydrogen.

Alberta is now seeking expressions of interest in the construction of a network of hydrogen fuelling stations.

This initiative represents an important step toward the reduction of emissions in the province’s transportation sector, through the adoption of hydrogen fuel electric and hydrogen-diesel dual combustion vehicles, and the potential for their use in other mobility sectors.

This fuel network, tailored to the needs of the heavy-duty transportation sector and general commercial and personal use, could render Albertan transport more efficient and cost-effective.

With the rapid refuelling, longer travel distances, and the ability to support heavy payloads, this could open up more jobs and economic growth opportunities in Alberta and across Canada.

Alberta’s Hydrogen Roadmap, which was released in 2021, highlights transportation as an integral market for the deployment of Alberta-produced hydrogen, and this expression of interest is the first move towards a reliable fuelling network. The results of this initiative, if properly implemented, could catalyse the building of a greener and more sustainable future.

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