Thunder Bay Weather Shift: Rain to Snow with Cooling Temperatures

Weather Update Spring 2022

Wet Start with a Chilly Turn, Moderate Winds Expected

Thunder Bay is experiencing a wet morning with rain that will shift to light snow by the afternoon. As temperatures drop, the wind chill factor will make it feel quite cold.

Detailed Forecast:


  • Precipitation: Rain will give way to light snow in the later hours.
  • Wind: Northward gusts reaching 40 km/h by late morning.
  • High: Starting at a warm 7°C but will decrease to -1°C in the afternoon.
  • Wind Chill: It will feel like a brisk -7°C later in the day.
  • UV Index: Low at 1, so UV protection is minimal concern.

Wardrobe Suggestions:

  • Rain Gear: Necessary for the morning’s wet conditions.
  • Warm Insulation: Prepare for the afternoon’s temperature plunge.
  • Wind-Resistant Clothing: To handle the gusty conditions and wind chill.


  • Conditions: Cloudy with a 40% chance of light flurries.
  • Wind: Continues from the north with gusts up to 40 km/h.
  • Low: Expected to be around -4°C.
  • Wind Chill: Evening temperatures could feel as low as -10°C.


  • Sky: Staying mainly cloudy throughout the day.
  • Wind: Relatively gentle with speeds up to 15 km/h.
  • High: Predicted to be -1°C, with similar wind chill values.
  • UV Index: Remains at a low level of 1.

Residents and commuters in Thunder Bay should gear up for a significant change in weather throughout the day. The transition from rain to snow and the wind’s impact on perceived temperatures call for waterproof and warm clothing, especially in the afternoon and evening. Be mindful of the wind chill when planning outdoor activities and layer accordingly.

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