Clear Skies Ahead for Wasaho Cree Nation After Morning Cloudiness

Smoking Geese in Wasaho Cree Nation
Smoking Geese in Wasaho Cree Nation

Chilly Temperatures Continue, Wind Chill Remains a Factor

WASAHO CREE NATION – WEATHER – The weather in Wasaho Cree Nation will see a transition from mainly cloudy to clear skies this morning. However, chilly temperatures continue to dominate, with a high of -4°C today and a wind chill factor making it feel much colder, especially in the morning.

Detailed Forecast:


  • Morning: Mainly cloudy, gradually clearing up.
  • Temperature: High reaching -4°C.
  • Wind: Westerly at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h, becoming light in the afternoon.
  • Wind Chill: A significant wind chill of -21°C in the morning, improving to -9°C in the afternoon.
  • UV Index: Low (1).


  • Sky Condition: Partly cloudy skies.
  • Temperature: Low dropping to -12°C.
  • Wind: Light winds up to 15 km/h.
  • Wind Chill: Feeling like -12°C in the evening, worsening to -18°C overnight.

Monday, Nov 6:

  • Sky Condition: A mix of sun and cloud throughout the day.
  • Temperature: High expected to reach 0°C.
  • Wind: Light winds up to 15 km/h.
  • Wind Chill: A cold start with a wind chill of -18°C in the morning.
  • UV Index: Low (1).

Wardrobe Suggestions:

  • Layered clothing: Consider wearing several layers of clothing to retain body heat.
  • Wind-resistant outer layer: A wind-resistant jacket or coat to mitigate the effects of wind chill.
  • Warm accessories: Gloves, hats, and scarves to keep extremities warm.
  • Footwear: Insulated, waterproof boots to keep feet dry and warm.


  • Wind Chill: Be cautious of the significant wind chill, especially in the morning hours, and dress accordingly to prevent frostbite and hypothermia.
  • UV Protection: Even with a low UV index, consider wearing sunglasses if spending extended time outdoors, especially around snow which can reflect UV rays.

Residents are encouraged to dress warmly, keep updated with the latest weather forecasts, and plan outdoor activities accordingly.

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