Wasaho Cree Nation Marks Ontario’s Coldest Spot: Weather Transitions Await

Wasaho Cree Nation - Photo by Brad Matthews
Wasaho Cree Nation - Photo by Brad Matthews

Wasaho Cree Nation – WEATHER – Today’s Chilly Dawn: As Ontario’s cold spot, Wasaho Cree Nation registered a biting -6°C at 5:00 am. The day will witness a sunny start, but clouds are set to gather as the afternoon approaches. Winds from the west are expected to blow at 30 km/h, gusting up to 50 km/h, making the high of -1°C feel much colder. Morning wind chill will make it feel like a frigid -17°C, improving slightly to -7°C later in the day. The UV index remains low at 1, indicating minimal sunlight exposure.

Wardrobe Suggestions: With the sharp morning chill, it’s essential to dress in layers. Begin with thermal undergarments, followed by a fleece or woolen mid-layer, and a windproof or insulated outer jacket. Ensure your head, hands, and feet are well-covered with a hat, gloves, and warm boots, respectively.

Tonight’s Clear Skies: The sky is expected to clear up as the evening descends, with winds slowing to 15 km/h. The temperature will drop further to -10°C, with a wind chill of -7°C in the evening and -16°C overnight.

Friday, 27th October Outlook: A balanced blend of sun and clouds awaits on Friday, with mild winds of up to 15 km/h. The temperature is predicted to hover around the freezing point at 0°C, although the morning wind chill will bring a cold feel of -14°C.

Flurries Likely on Friday Night: The night carries a 60% chance of flurries under cloudy skies, with the mercury dipping to -6°C.

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