Winter Advisory in Kenora: Anticipated Snowfall and Chilly Winds Ahead

Special Weather Advisory Snow

Morning Snow Glimpses Across Lake of the Woods Region

KENORA – WEATHER – At 5:00 am, Kenora witnesses light snowfall with the thermometer reading -2°C. A Weather Advisory has been issued as winter weather conditions are anticipated throughout the day. The sky will remain cloudy with a 60% chance of light snow, while northeast winds at 20 km/h will contribute to a cool ambiance, despite a high of +2°C. The low UV index of 1 suggests limited sun exposure.

Wardrobe Recommendations: Bundle up to face the day; start with a thermal base layer, add a warm sweater or fleece, and top it with a waterproof and wind-resistant outer layer. Don’t forget insulated gloves, a warm hat, and waterproof boots to combat the snow and cold.

Snow Intensification Tonight: The likelihood of snow will persist, with a fresh snowfall expected to commence this evening. Accumulations of 5 to 10 cm are anticipated. The wind will continue from the northeast at 20 km/h, gusting up to 40 km/h, as temperatures dip to -1°C with a wind chill of -7°C overnight.

Friday’s Snowy Forecast, 27th October

Snow is expected to cease by early afternoon, yet a 60% chance of flurries will linger under cloudy skies. Another 5 cm of snow is anticipated. Winds will shift to the north at 20 km/h in the morning, keeping temperatures steady near zero, but a morning wind chill of -7°C is expected.

Flurry-filled Friday Night: Flurries will continue into the night, with temperatures further dropping to -5°C.

Vehicle Safety Kit Reminder: For those planning to drive, having a well-stocked vehicle safety kit is imperative. Include items like a snow shovel, ice scraper, flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, a first-aid kit, blankets, non-perishable food and water, a basic tool kit, and road flares or reflective triangles. Preparedness is key to navigating winter roads safely.

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