Las Vegas Encore: U2 Continuing Its Residency at The Sphere

Las Vegas Encore: U2 Continuing Its Residency at The Sphere

In exciting news for U2 fans, the iconic band has decided to extend their residency at The Sphere in Las Vegas, adding 12 more concerts to their schedule. This is a good sign for this new and groundbreaking venue, which is aiming to become a core part of the city’s entertainment scene.

U2 and The Sphere

Billionaire James Dolan — owner of The Sphere — has made an investment of $10 million to create a U2-themed spectacle that combines both music and technology. The experience being designed is an immersive one that aims to showcase The Sphere as a revolutionary entertainment platform, beyond just a venue. Early reviews suggest the plan is going very well.

To recoup the investment, The Sphere’s revenue generation strategy goes beyond just ticket sales. It encompasses advertising, merchandising, suite sales, and strong partnerships. With that said, the tickets for U2 concerts are hot commodities on their own. Due to their exclusivity and the band’s popularity, they often sell at high prices.

One of the key partnerships involved is the lucrative deal between LiveNation and U2. The band is guaranteed over $4 million per show, and this arrangement shows how the world of live performances has grown into something extremely profitable for both artists and promoters.

Las Vegas at nightSource: Unsplash.

Behind the Construction of The Sphere

Looking beyond what The Sphere aims to become, how it came to be is just as impressive. To put it into perspective, its enormous dimensions of 111 metres (364 feet) height and 157 metres (515 feet) width give it the title of the world’s largest spherical structure.

One of The Sphere’s standout features is its 160,000-square-foot LED immersive surface. It is not an exaggeration to call it a technological marvel, and unsurprisingly, constructing a massive structure like this was no simple task. It required one of the world’s largest cranes, along with intricate planning and highly skilled precision, to maintain its unique shape.

What makes The Sphere really unforgettable, though, is its multi-sensory experience. Whether it’s U2 or a different act, the sound intensity is adjusted based on their needs, and the audience is seated in haptic seats that can vibrate, pulse, and shake. Both of these things add an extra dynamic to the experience.

Las Vegas Attractions for Canadians in 2023

It goes without saying that Vegas is one of the best travel destinations in the world. From world-class casinos and clubs to access to incredible nature like Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon, there is plenty on offer.

In fact, Las Vegas is so popular as a destination that Harry Reid International — located just a short distance from the famous Strip — is the 9th busiest airport by traffic in the world. This combined with the proximity to Canada means that plane tickets to Las Vegas are readily available, and with new attractions like The Sphere added to the mix, it’s the perfect destination for Canadians in what’s left of 2023.

One other major drawcard not to miss is the inaugural Formula 1 race on November 18th. For the first time ever, a temporary street circuit will transform the Las Vegas Strip into a high-speed racetrack and will form part of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship.

Las Vegas is often at the forefront of innovation in tourism and entertainment, and U2 extending its residency at The Sphere is the perfect example of this. The venue is truly one of a kind and is sure to attract some of the biggest musical artists over the coming years

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