Traveller’s Weather and Road Forecast for April 8, 2024

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As Ontario welcomes travelers this April 8, 2024, a varied climate envelops the province, promising an interesting journey for those on the road. From the bustling city of Toronto to the serene landscapes of Thunder Bay, here’s what you need to know about today’s weather and road conditions, including an important update from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) regarding the Eclipse.

Toronto: A Mild and Changing Sky

Starting in Toronto, travelers will experience a day of partly cloudy skies with the temperature hovering around 10°C. The afternoon may bring a 40% chance of showers, so keep an umbrella handy. Roads are clear, but be prepared for possible wet conditions as the day progresses.

Greater Sudbury: Cloudy with a Chance of Showers

Moving north to Greater Sudbury, the weather turns mainly cloudy with early temperatures around 2.4°C. A high of 11°C and a moderate UV index suggest a mild day ahead, though a 40% chance of showers tonight means travelers should drive cautiously, especially after dark.

Thunder Bay: Mostly Cloudy with Showers

In Thunder Bay, expect mostly cloudy skies with a steady temperature near 5°C. The OPP advises that visibility remains good at 24 km, but east winds of 20 km/h could make certain open areas a bit challenging for high-profile vehicles. Showers are expected, particularly this afternoon and evening, so plan for additional travel time.

Special Note from the OPP on the Eclipse

The OPP has issued a travel advisory in light of the Eclipse. While this celestial event is a spectacular sight, drivers are reminded not to stop on highways or block traffic to view it. Designated viewing areas have been established throughout the province, including near major exits and rest areas. For those driving during the Eclipse, maintain focus on the road and expect increased pedestrian activity near viewing sites.

Other safety tips for drivers during the solar eclipse include:

o  ensure vehicle full headlights are on;

o  do not wear eclipse glasses while driving;

o  do not photograph or video the eclipse while driving;

o  never pull over or stop on the roadway and/or shoulder of the road to view the eclipse;

o  exit the roadway and park in a safe area away from traffic to view the eclipse; and,

o  be aware of possible increased pedestrian traffic.

If you plan to be on the water during the solar eclipse, the OPP encourages boaters to be well-informed about Ontario safe boating practices and laws to help ensure an enjoyable and safe time. Some waterways may have specific guidelines for boaters during special events such as the solar eclipse.

Road Conditions

Across Ontario, roads are generally clear, but the mix of spring weather—from showers in Thunder Bay to potential flurries in the northern regions—calls for cautious driving. The OPP reports no major closures but advises checking local conditions, especially in areas expecting precipitation.

Travel and Wardrobe Tips

For those hitting the road today, layering is key. With temperatures ranging from mild in Toronto to cooler in Thunder Bay, and the potential for rain across much of the province, having a waterproof jacket and sturdy footwear is advisable. And don’t forget your sunglasses for the brighter moments of the day and to safely enjoy the Eclipse.


Ontario’s weather today presents a classic spring tableau: variable skies, occasional showers, and the unique excitement of an Eclipse. Whether you’re journeying short distances or traversing the province, today’s travel conditions call for preparation and patience. Enjoy the journey and the varied landscapes of Ontario, and stay safe on the roads.

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