Sault Ste. Marie Weather Advisory: Rainfall Alert


Heavy Raindrops Roll, Thunder Rumbles, and Lake Superior Sings: A Liquid Symphony!

Rainfall Advisory

Sault Ste. Marie has a rainy date with nature as a Rainfall Advisory unfolds, heralding heavy rains from today into Wednesday.

Prepare for a good soaking with total rainfall amounts dancing between 30 to 50 mm. However, should thunderstorms join the dance, locally higher amounts might grace the stage.

Timing: The rain rhythm kicks off late this morning, continuing its wet waltz into Wednesday afternoon.

A frontal boundary orchestrates a rain ensemble, moving into the area late this morning or early afternoon, and the wet performance is set to continue through Wednesday afternoon. Thunderstorms might choreograph a more intense rain dance, potentially exceeding 50 mm in affected areas.

A second act of heavy rain is set to make a splash late Thursday, particularly over areas near Lake Superior, adding another liquid note to the week’s weather melody.

Clothing Cue: Dress for a wet day out! A waterproof jacket, rain boots, and a sturdy umbrella are your attire ensemble to keep the raindrops at bay.

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