Winnipeg Winter Weather Advisory: A Sneak Peek into the Snowy Season!

Weather Alert
Weather Alert

Flurries Float, Snow Showers, and a Chill Chill: Winter Knocks at the Door!

Weather Advisory

Winnipeg – Weather – The City of Winnipeg and its surrounding regions in southern Manitoba, extending westward into southeastern Saskatchewan, are bracing for an early whisper of winter courtesy of a weakening low-pressure system.

Come Tuesday morning, light snow or flurries are expected to grace eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba.

Snow Forecast: The weather plot thickens as a series of stronger systems make their entrance starting Wednesday afternoon, casting a snowy spell of 5 to 10 cm across most regions. The snow show continues, with another 5 to 10 cm expected to descend on Thursday night into Friday.

By the weekend curtain call, some regions might be looking at a snow blanket of 10 to 20 cm, thanks to these two snowy acts.

Temperature Tumble

This snow spectacle is set to roll in a colder air mass by the weekend, with temperatures playing it cool, barely touching the freezing mark, and night temperatures taking a bow at near -10 degrees Celsius.

Winter Readiness Reminder

This early snowfall is nature’s gentle nudge that winter is gearing up for its grand entrance. Residents are encouraged to switch to the winter-driving mode and gear up for the falling temperatures. It’s time to dust off those snow boots, tune up the snow blowers, and ensure your vehicles are winter-ready!

Clothing Cues: Warm layers, snug boots, and cozy gloves are your tickets to staying warm and comfy amidst the snow showers and the chilly breeze.

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