Thunderstorm Alert: Thunder Bay and Surrounding Areas

Thunderstorm Warning

Issued: 7:02 PM EDT Wednesday 16 August 2023

Thunder Bay – Weather –  At 7:02 PM EDT, Environment Canada meteorologists have identified a severe thunderstorm advancing rapidly across the region. This potent system is currently stretched from 20 kilometres northeast of Creighton Bay to Moose Lake, moving in an easterly direction at a speed of 80 km/h.

Primary Hazard:

  • Wind gusts reaching up to 90 km/h.

Areas Affected: Thunder Bay, Whitefish Lake, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, Kakabeka Falls, Silver Falls Provincial Park, Cloud Bay, Moose Lake, North Fowl Lake, Nolalu, Sunshine, Flint, Mokomon, Wamsley, Crystal Lake, Little Dog Lake, Oliver Lake, Kaministiquia, Pardee, Bearpad Lake, and Dog Lake.

Potential Risks: The intense wind gusts associated with this storm can:

  • Propel unsecured objects.
  • Inflict damage on frail structures.
  • Snap branches from trees.
  • Tip over large vehicles.

Lightning Caution: Every year, lightning claims and harms Canadian lives. Adhere to this mantra for safety: when thunder roars, go indoors!

Safety Recommendations: Emergency Management Ontario urges residents to seek shelter immediately if menacing weather is on the horizon.

About Severe Thunderstorm Warnings: Such warnings are issued when a thunderstorm in progress or imminent poses significant threats due to factors such as large hailstones, destructive winds, or torrential downpours.

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