August 16, 2023 Northwest Region Wildland Fire Report: 37 Active Fires Burning

Wildfire Update

Northwest Region Snapshot:

  • Presently, the Northwest Region reports 37 active fires. The current status breakdown:
    • 1 fire is yet to be controlled.
    • 3 fires are presently held.
    • 7 fires have been brought under control.
    • 26 fires are under observation.
  • A new fire was recorded in the Northwest Region on the afternoon of August 16.
  • Nipigon 107 Details: Situated roughly 26.0 kilometres NW of Ogoki Lake and about 16.9 kilometres E of Kagianagami Lake. Currently, the fire spans 0.1 hectares and is not under control.
  • Fire Risk Overview: The northern half of the Northwest Region currently faces a low fire hazard, while the south mainly experiences a moderate hazard, with a concentrated high hazard strip extending from Fort Frances to Lac Seul.

Smoke Overview:

Smoke drift from Western Canada and Quebec is affecting a large portion of the Northwest Region. To monitor current and upcoming smoke conditions, please visit Should you have health-related concerns due to smoke, Telehealth Ontario at 811 is available.

Protect Our Waterbombers:

Should a waterbomber approach a water body near you, kindly move close to the shore ensuring their safe operation. Remember, waterbombers will refrain from scooping if any watercraft poses potential risks. Always prioritize safety and steer clear of active waterbombers.

No Drone Zone Advisory:

It is both perilous and unlawful to operate drones around forest fires. Using drones near fire sites endangers pilots, firefighters, and other emergency workers. Prioritize safety – avoid the vicinity of forest fires.

Reporting Wildland Fires:

For fires north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please contact 310-FIRE. If the fire is located south of these rivers, kindly dial 911.

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