Wildfire Report for Northeast District: 34 Active Wildland Fires Burning

Wildfire Season - Waterbomber

Northeast Region Overview:

  • At the present time, 34 wildland fires are active within the Northeast Region. Out of these:
    • 5 fires are under control.
    • 29 fires are under observation.
  • The region is witnessing reduced air quality due to smoke drift from the wildland fires in Western Canada and Quebec.
  • A fresh fire was detected in the Northeast Region by early evening:

    Hearst 14 Details: Positioned about 5.5 kilometers SE of Luhta Lake, the fire covers 0.3 hectares and is currently being observed.

  • Fire Risk Assessment: The Northeast Region today presents a varied fire hazard ranging from low to high.

Smoke Condition Report:

Smoke from the western Canadian and Quebec wildland fires continues to impair air quality in the Northeast Region. To monitor real-time and predicted smoke conditions, navigate to FireSmoke.ca. For health-related concerns stemming from the smoke, please reach out to Telehealth Ontario at 811.

Firework Safety Reminder:

While fireworks brighten up our summer nights, safety is paramount. Remember, you’ll be accountable if your fireworks’ residual heat ignites a wildland fire, including the firefighting costs. Opt for an organized firework display, ensuring safety for all.

Protect Our Waterbombers:

If you spot a waterbomber nearing a water body, ensure you move close to the shore to facilitate their water scooping operations. Waterbombers will abstain from scooping if water vessels present a threat. Prioritize safety – maintain a safe distance from waterbombers.

No Drone Zone Alert:

Operating drones near forest fires is perilous and unlawful. Such actions jeopardize the safety of pilots, firefighters, and other responders. Ensure safety first – steer clear of active fire zones.

Report Wildland Fires:

For fires situated north of the French and Mattawa rivers, ring 310-FIRE. If the blaze is south of these rivers, kindly call 911.

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