Temporary Closure of Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre Due to Vandalism

Seniors built Thunder Bay. Now the City seems to feel they can't be trusted to use tools.

Thunder Bay, ON The City of Thunder Bay regrets to announce the temporary closure of the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre, located at 700 River Street, due to a recent incident of vandalism. The facility experienced significant damage with multiple windows being broken overnight on July 6th – 7th. As a result, the Centre will remain closed for repairs and cleanup. All programming scheduled for July 7th – 9th has been canceled.

Extent of Damage and Closure

The vandalism inflicted upon the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre has compelled the City to temporarily close the facility in order to address the damages and restore its functionality. A team of dedicated crews has been deployed to initiate the cleanup and repair processes promptly. The Centre will be closed until Monday, July 10th, to allow sufficient time for the necessary restoration work to be completed.

Direct Communication with Affected Stakeholders

Recognizing the impact of this unfortunate incident on the various stakeholder groups, the City has taken immediate steps to communicate directly with those affected. Efforts are being made to notify and apologize to participants, acknowledging any inconvenience caused by the closure. The City is committed to reopening the facility safely and swiftly, ensuring the resumption of normal operations at the earliest opportunity.

Collaboration with Thunder Bay Police Service

The City of Thunder Bay is actively collaborating with the Thunder Bay Police Service to investigate the act of vandalism that occurred at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre. By working closely with law enforcement authorities, the City aims to identify the responsible individuals and hold them accountable for their actions in accordance with the law.

Criminal Code Charges and Penalties for Vandalism

The City of Thunder Bay considers acts of vandalism a serious offence, and those responsible may face criminal charges under the Criminal Code of Canada. Vandalism is an offence that undermines community safety and disrupts public spaces. Upon conviction, penalties can include fines, restitution, or even imprisonment, depending on the severity of the vandalism and the applicable laws.

Reopening and Normal Operations

The City anticipates that the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre will reopen on Monday, July 10th, following the completion of repairs and cleanup. Once reopened, the Centre will resume its regular programming and activities, providing a safe and welcoming environment for older adults to engage and participate.

“We are dismayed by the vandalism that has taken place at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre,” expressed Twyla Biluk, Supervisor of Older Adults. “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our valued participants and assure them that we are diligently working towards reopening the facility next week, prioritizing their safety and enjoyment.”

The City of Thunder Bay remains committed to maintaining the security and integrity of its public facilities, and will continue to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to prevent and address incidents of vandalism in the future.

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