Flyer Frenzy: Thunder Bay Shoppers Battle Inflation with Week’s Best Grocery Deals

Grocery cart Flyer Frenzy

Local Shopping Strategies To Stretch the Shopping Dollar

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – In Thunder Bay, families are increasingly focused on maximizing their grocery budgets as they face ongoing inflation and shrinkflation. Although official rates suggest inflation is under five percent, grocery shoppers tell a different story, with prices climbing significantly higher.

Giant Tiger’s Birthday Discounts

Giant Tiger kicks off their “Birthday Bash” this week with enticing deals: Aqua Star frozen Pacific shrimp for $5.97 (340g bag), potatoes or grape tomatoes at $1.88 each, Dole Caesar Salad for $2.88, and a stock-up deal on Prego Pasta sauce at $1.97 each (limit of five). Additional savings include Wong Wing frozen appetizers at $3.97, Primo Pasta 2 for $3, Pizza Pops at $2.97, Butcher’s Selection Stampede pork button ribs at $4.97, Gold Label Smokies at $3.97 (375g pack), and Prime Sports Drinks for $1.99 each.

Special Offers at Metro Foods

Starting Thursday, Metro Foods introduces new savings: turkey for $1.47 per pound (limit two), Selection bacon at $3.99, DeCecco Pasta at $1.88 per box, Stove Top stuffing for 99 cents, Niblets Corn at 99 cents, eggs (30 pack) for $7.99, Pearl Milling pancake mix and syrup at $2.59 each, Cosmic Crisp apples at $1.99 per pound, and Green Giant Sugar Snap Peas or snow peas for $4.99. Don’t miss the Mexican Coke® four-pack for $8.48.

Safeway’s Value Buys

Safeway offers buy-one-get-one-free deals on whole air-chilled chicken, drumsticks, and bone-in thighs. Additional deals include boneless pork sirloin chops at $2.99 per pound, Kicking Horse Whole Bean coffee at $11.99 (454g bag), Old El Paso Street Taco Kits at $4.99, Maple Leaf Prime frozen Buffalo Wings at $8.99 (680-695g box), cross rib roast at $6.99 per pound, and Ocean Spray cranberry juice at $3.99 (1.7l).

Freshco’s Deals Begin May 2

Look forward to Freshco’s offers like frozen pork back ribs at $2.97 per pound, Johnsonville Brats at $3.97 for a pack of five, fresh strawberries at $4.97 (907g), Lancia Pasta at $1.87 each, GayLea Butter at $5.97 per pound, Angus Beef Striploin steak at $14.97 per pound, and Classico Pasta sauce at $3.97 per bottle. A stock-up alert on Alymer Accents Tomato sauce priced at $2.

Amid rising costs, Thunder Bay residents can still find significant savings by keeping an eye on weekly flyers and using store cards for additional discounts.

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