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  • Federal Budget Debate Reaches Fever Pitch: Will the Government Get Approval? – As the deadline for budget approval approaches, Parliament is locked in a heated debate over the government’s spending plans. Opposition parties remain fiercely critical, particularly on issues of healthcare funding and climate initiatives. Can the government secure enough votes to pass the budget, or will Canada face a potential election? (Stay tuned for updates throughout the day on this developing story!) (CBC News:
  • Protests Erupt Over Quebec Immigration Bill: Tensions Rise as Legal Challenges Loom – The controversial Quebec bill restricting immigration continues to spark outrage. Protests erupted yesterday, and legal challenges are expected on grounds of discrimination. Will the government stand firm, or will it face pressure to amend the bill? (The Globe and Mail:
  • U of T Divestment Protests Continue: Solidarity Rallies Held Across Canada – Students at the University of Toronto remain entrenched in their protest demanding the university divest from companies tied to Israel. Similar rallies are taking place at universities across the country. How will this situation unfold, and will it impact other institutions?

International News

  • Fallout from Wisconsin School Shooting: Community in Mourning, Gun Control Debate Reignited – The Wisconsin community grapples with the aftermath of a horrific school shooting. As details about the victims emerge, the national debate over gun control reignites. Will any concrete action be taken in the wake of this tragedy? (CNN:
  • Colombia Severs Ties with Israel: Impact on Mideast Peace Uncertain – The international community reacts to Colombia’s unexpected decision to sever diplomatic relations with Israel. Experts ponder the potential implications for ongoing peace efforts in the Middle East. Could this decision trigger a domino effect, or will it remain an isolated incident? (Al Jazeera:
  • Global Food Crisis Looms Large: UN Warns of Worsening Situation – The United Nations warns of a worsening global food crisis on the horizon due to disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine. Food prices are expected to rise further, potentially creating instability in vulnerable regions. What steps will be taken to address this looming crisis? (Reuters:

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