Empower2023: The Future of Work Conference


In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, companies must learn to invest in the training and professional development they need to keep up with the onslaught of new technology. However, what about the organizations that lack the resources to do this? This ever-changing work environment means “business as usual” is no longer a viable option. The companies that cannot adapt lose traction and fall behind.

This is one reason why ProServeIT hosts an annual half-day conference for nonprofits and charities, sponsored by Microsoft called #Empower2023. Their virtual sessions aim to help nonprofit leaders meet their goals and scale their missions in the evolving workplace.

“This year, our theme is a future of work that is boundaryless, experience rich, and full of possibilities for charitable organizations,” says Mihae Ahn, VP of Marketing at ProServeIT. “We are educating nonprofits and charities about the technologies that eliminate boundaries in an era of remote work, deliver attention-grabbing experiences in a noisy market, and unlock new possibilities in a future of global interaction.”

How ProServeIT can help nonprofits and charities

The world has changed drastically over the past three years, and the workplace is no exception. Today’s stakeholders are used to instant communication from almost anywhere on the planet and expect nonprofits to be unconstrained by the boundaries of time and location. They are inundated by immersive experiences from brands using emerging technology to build awareness and look to charities to do the same. And, in the shadow of the Metaverse, stakeholders expect nonprofits to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Web3’s possibilities for the future.

“The new technology that removes boundaries, builds rich experiences, and creates future possibilities is no longer a luxury,” explains Ahn, “but a necessity. Today, so many voices are competing to be heard, and #Empower2023 gives nonprofits and charities the tools they need to cut through the noise and take their missions to the people who care about them.”

This annual conference is ProServeIT’s largest initiative benefiting nonprofits and charities. Over 10,000 registrants benefited from the #Empower conference since 2019 — #Empower2023 will mark the company’s fourth annual conference. “Our first #Empower conference took place prior to COVID-19 when virtual conferences were not as common. We were inspired to host a virtual event after a conversation about how costly in-person conferences typically are,” Ahn says. “Since price often prevents many nonprofits and charities out of the possibility of attending, we designed a unique virtual event to bridge the gap. We continue to offer this conference free of charge to thank these organizations for their work.”

#Empower2023 virtual sessions for executives and tech specialists

#Empower2023’s schedule includes online workshops that are geared specifically for Executive Directors & CEOs, IT Professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about emerging technologies.

The pandemic and global lockdown caught many executives and IT specialists off guard as it spurred rapid transformation across every sector. “The way people live and work today is vastly different from just three years ago, and change is still underway,” Eric Sugar, President of ProServeIT, observes. “Rigid nine-to-five, traditional work schedules are giving way to the flexibility of remote and hybrid models. The world continues to change, and that evolution affects the work of nonprofits and charities, as well. We chose ‘the future of work’ as our theme because we know what it takes to equip charities to thrive in the quickly changing landscape of work.”

ProServeIT sees the future of work as boundaryless, experience rich, and full of possibility. “The key is technology,” says Sugar. “The sessions offered at this year’s conference are designed to empower executives and IT specialists to access a future unlimited by physical space, a future of memorable experiences, and a future of limitless technological advancements.”

#Empower2023’s Sessions for executives include workshops such as:

  • “A Technology Framework and Roadmap for Nonprofits”
  • “Boundaryless Communications for the Era of Hybrid Work”
  • “Amp Up Your Fundraising with Microsoft Power Apps”
  • “Productivity for All: Improve Employee Experience with the Right Tools (Introduction to Microsoft Viva)”
  • “Efficient Fundraising and Volunteer Management with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits”

The workshops catering to IT Professionals include:

  • “A Technology Framework and Roadmap for Nonprofits”
  • “Microsoft Licensing for Nonprofits: Cost-Efficient Ways to Use Microsoft Technologies”
  • “Windows 365 Cloud PC for the Hybrid Workplace”
  • “AI-Based, Smart Cybersecurity is the Smartest Investment for Nonprofits”
  • “Making Your Data Digestible”

Finally, #Empower2023 provides a “Fireside Chat” covering crucial topics pertaining to the corporate Metaverse, such as automation, security, and brand experience.

“ProServeIT focuses on providing organizations with the resources they need to address the gap between technology capabilities and business goals,” Sugar says. “Technology has to be part of business strategy. We are proud to help enable nonprofits and charities of all sizes to meet the future of work.”

For more information on this year’s conference, readers can visit https://www.proserveit.com/empower.

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