Movement Property Group Founder Matt Kirkegaard: ‘Work With an Expert Realtor in a Shifting Market’


    It’s been a crazy few years in the real estate market. With the financial issues caused by the global pandemic, the post-Covid housing bubble, and the current readjustment of the market, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

    Thankfully, there are expert realtors out there that know their markets inside and out. Matt Kirkegaard, the Founder of Nashville luxury real estate firm Movement Property Group, has made a name for himself as a city expert, local philanthropist, and passionate musician. He’s been named as one of Tennessee’s Top 100 real estate agents.

    “It’s no secret, with interest rates rising, the real estate market is shifting, which is why it’s never been more important to work with an expert realtor,” said Kirkegaard.

    What many people don’t know is that realtors know much more about the market than simply open houses and closing costs. Experienced and engaged realtors can explain the state of the housing market to clients, demystify fluctuating interest rates, and also sell you the home of your dreams.

    Navigating Nashville

    Nashville has always been a popular destination for snowbirds, country music fans and professionals, and those who love the city’s country-luxe vibe.

    Clients that are lucky enough to work directly with Kirkegaard get to learn about the city from a passionate insider’s point of view and often find his excitement about the city contagious. He works hard to be more than a realtor, but a community supporter, and a local expert.

    He makes sure to support local causes, spend his money at local businesses, and support all the people that give Nashville its down-home charm.

    “As realtors, I think it’s important to intentionally support the community you are serving by not only getting the right people into homes but by supporting the businesses, bars, cafes, and restaurants that add to the culture of the city!” said Kirkegaard.

    He also shared that Nashville was just ranked as the number one real estate market to watch in the country for the second year in a row.

    “We’re still booming, and home values continue to appreciate, so now is a great time to jump in,” he said.

    Getting a Great Rate

    Because Movement Property Group is a large real estate firm and a multi-million-dollar business, the Founder shared that they can offer better interest rates than certain smaller firms or those that keep their interest rates on par with averages.

    The national rate is currently hovering around 7% — a high number that scares some people away from even looking at a home in the current climate. However, Movement works hard to offer more attractive rates than other firms.

    “Our team at MPG can beat that 7% rate, so don’t let interest rates keep you from getting into the market. Buying can still be affordable, and with less competition, there’s a lot of opportunity,” he shared.

    It’s above-and-beyond help like this that makes Kirkegaard and his firm so popular in Nashville. Since opening its doors in 2015, they have developed a reputation for honesty and truly transparent transactions.

    Giving Back

    Another thing that clients love about working with the Founder is that their home purchase — or sale — also has a charitable aspect.

    Kirkegaard has created a non-profit related to Movement Property Group, the LiftUp Initiative. The charity helps Nashville residents going through hard times with rental and mortgage assistance.

    To fund it, Kirkegaard puts 10% of each of his commissions into the LiftUp fund. That means that when you use Kirkegaard as your exclusive agent, you also do good for the community.

    “You can level up your company and give back simultaneously. I know it for a fact because I’ve done it,” said Kirkegaard.

    The real estate entrepreneur is the kind of Nashville professional and expert realtor that you want to have on your side at a time of flux in the industry.

    About Matt Kirkegaard and Movement Property Group

    Movement Property Group (Keller Williams), created by musician and real estate agent Matt Kirkegaard, specializes in luxury and affordable housing throughout most of Tennessee, including East and West Nashville, where the company is headquartered. Kirkegaard is accompanied by Ruben Juarez and Aaron Ammon at Movement Property Group. Kirkegaard and Co. strive to make the homebuying and homeselling processes as efficient and effortless as possible. For more information and to see Movement Property Group’s impressive real estate inventory, please visit

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