From Businessman to Musician: Umberto Vitale ‘s Journey to The Rock Academy

the rock academy

Growing up in Pavia, Italy, Umberto was surrounded by music from a young age. From listening to classic Italian songs, greatest international artists  to playing drums in a band, music has always been a part of his life. Despite achieving success as a businessman, Umberto always felt something was missing. He had an ever-growing passion for music and rock music, in particular. So, he took the plunge and launched The Rock Academy.

the rock academy

This establishment of The Rock Academy offers a glimpse of the newest and hottest music on the market from across the globe. Through The Rock Academy, Umberto wants to share videos and rock music to everyone across the world by sharing his love of music. He also has an Instagram account (@therock_academy) and YouTube channel (@therock_academy) to share his tips and experiences with aspiring musicians.

Umberto ‘s decision to pursue music was a monumental moment in his life. After years of working in the Business world, he decided to make a bold move and follow his passion. He knew that this would require dedication, hard work, and determination. But Umberto was willing to take the risk and make the leap.

He also created a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube to reach more people.

Music has always been an integral part of Umberto’s life. Umberto’s next move is to bring the Italian rock music community together through his YouTube channel. Umberto has big plans for his channel, from showcasing and explaining the stories, lives, and greatest songs of bands and artists to just creating a place for all those passionate about Italian rock music to come together.

Umberto is driven by his passion for Italian rock music, and he believes that by bringing people together with the same interest, he can create a platform for entertainment and connection. With his YouTube channel, Umberto looks forward to music all around the world.



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