Bradley Joseph Greenwood: Making waves as Leeds aspiring Tik-Tok Star


    He is young, fashionable and irresistible; these three terms indeed outline the charisma of this 21-year-old gentleman Bradley Joseph Greenwood. Well in our frequent lives, we all must have heard stories off-and-on but a story of such a young persona spellbinding, is remarked as of a rare species. An individual with so much positivity and optimism, Bradley has been inspiring the young ones of how valuable one’s life is.

    Bradley Joseph Greenwood is a fresh mind hailing from Leeds, UK. He is counted as one of the renowned tik tok stars and also a “character loved by all” in a Reality show where Bradley was able to impress the public with his kind core and seductive looks. He has also been known as a Social Guru and an Entrepreneur. Having the personality of possessing entrepreneurial skills, Bradley is currently showcasing his knacks by working with recent management called MPM Angels and this collaboration is to source the topmost swank models for the site.

    As everyone has some sort of varied hobbies in life, Bradley enjoys partying with his friends. He loves to orchestrate parties in clubs and also maintains social events and arrangements.
    Flashing luxurious cars and driving them with complete enthusiasm always counts as his favourite thing in his regular life. He is a believer of YOLO and no doubt it shows his positivism and also embodies his true essence.

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