Developer Michael J. Newell Takes Charge of the Housing Market to Make Homes More Affordable for Middle-Class Americans


    Rising housing costs and flat wages are putting a strain on American workers. Worker stress levels are at an all-time high due to the affordable housing crisis. For the past 40 years, wage growth has lagged behind price increases. During that time, rent increased steadily. Having watched the housing crisis worsen, Michael Newell, CEO of Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes, is compelled to act and rewrite the story.

    Michael Newell has used his two businesses and other resources to help in this area of need. He believes that by inspiring others to work in the construction industry, his company, M.J. Newell Homes and Standard Land Development (SLD), can make a difference. Michael Newell has created a course called “Learn to Build,” in which he details every building process step. He believes he has finally perfected the process by writing it down and standardizing it.

    In Newell’s words, “if you are just getting started in the field or are ready to take your business to the next level, I am confident that I can teach you the process and help you succeed. Whether it’s getting the right people on board, installing the right pieces of software, negotiating with manufacturers, or raising money.” Newell feels it’s crucial to assist those less knowledgeable than himself. He intends to do so by imparting the knowledge he’s acquired to others to foster a rise in the global supply of skilled architects and engineers.

    Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes are some of the best builders and service providers for middle-class American consumers. Their goal is to make it possible for everyone in the United States to live in a secure environment at a reasonable cost. “To prevent low-income renters from spending too much of their paychecks on rent, we propose capping rent at no more than 25% of monthly income. Thus, it is ensured that families will not need to cut back on basic needs as they expand,” Newell explained.

    Before any houses or businesses are built, SLD develops the necessary roads, sewage, and electrical systems. The M.J. Newell Homes brand is Standard Land Development’s second arm. M.J. Newell Homes promotes, sells, and maintains all of Standard Land Development’s properties. Several new communities have been built by Standard Land Development in Florida. M.J. Newell Homes offers its customers the choice between personalizing one of six pre-designed model homes or choosing from a library of pre-existing floor plans.

    When it comes to establishing brand-new Florida neighborhoods, nobody does it better than Standard Land Development. They have completed over 1,950 buildings in Florida. M.J. Newell Homes has built more than 600 houses over the years. The construction of as many as 490 single-family homes is planned for this year. Nothing could be accomplished without a reliable team with a solid commitment to teamwork.

    By 2023, M. J. Newell Homes hopes to have reached an annual production rate of 1,200 homes. To better the American housing market, Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes plan to build a 987-unit build-to-rent single-family home community in Central Florida, a 1754-unit build-to-sell single-family home community in South Florida, a 160,000-square-foot retail plaza, 1266 single-family homes on in-fill lots, a 312-unit townhome community in Central North Carolina, and a 96-unit apartment building in Western South Carolina.

    As long as there is a market for it, Standard Land Development will continue to construct reasonably priced homes for Americans all over the country.

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