Paul Sterriker’s quest to positively impact the world brings him to the forefront of his businesses.


    He is a well-renowned property developer and multipreneur who, currently with his wife Kasia, is working on their Environmental Art business in Dubai.

    A closer look around us will let us know how things have been on a constant growth pedestal across industries of the world. These changes could become possible due to the many visionary ideas that a few entrepreneurial talents worked upon over the years to create a positive dent in the industries they wished to be a part of. Interestingly, many of these entrepreneurs could create their unique niche in their respective sectors because they worked with the pure intention to positively impact the world with their business. We couldn’t help but notice how Paul Sterriker has been doing exactly that with his business goals and the many incessant efforts he has been putting into the same.

    Paul Sterriker is not your average guy with an average success story in the world of business; he is definitely much beyond that and has proved the same with his three decades of experience and expertise and the incredible successes he has created in his career as a property developer and entrepreneur, originally from Surrey, England. He states that different experiences that he gained in his life helped him learn a variety of things. For example, in sports, playing Tennis, Golf, and Skiing helped him understand the importance of staying consistent in a game to ultimately improve the same. His love for watching movies, theatre plays, and visits to art galleries helped him learn the importance of art in everyday living. He is truly a self-made man who today has earned major respect and recognition for his presence across a myriad of sectors like Healthcare, Creative Marketing, Staffing/Recruitment, and Property Development with his wife, Kasia, who is a well-known Environmental Artist.

    Paul Sterriker was always excellent in academics, which helped him to get positioned in the Royal Navy College in Dartmouth as a Commissioned Officer. However, getting into the commercial side of things and the business world and becoming the CEO of multiple businesses made him realize his true purpose in life, to bring about waves of change in the lives of people around the world with his work.

    With his wife Kasia, Paul Sterriker is now excited to launch their first Property Development projects and Environmental Art in Dubai.

    Paul Sterriker can’t emphasize enough how essential it is for people to chase their dreams and do what they feel passionate about. He advises young business owners to do things in their chosen niches that can inspire them to do better each day.

    To know more about Paul Sterriker, follow him on Instagram @paul_sterriker.

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