Labour Day Weekend 2022 – Open and Closed

Open and Closed

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – For the 2022 Labour Day weekend come Monday most businesses will be closed.

All government offices will be closed. That also means on Monday the LCBO and The Beer Store.

Thunder Bay Transit will run on a Sunday schedule on Sunday and Monday.

The Hub Bazaar on Victoria Avenue is closed for the weekend, they will re-open on Tuesday.

Bay Village Coffee will be closed for the weekend and re-opening on Tuesday.

Intercity Shopping Centre will be closed on Monday.

Banks and credit unions will be closed on Monday.

Most retail shops will be closed for Monday.

All offices including Awashishewiigiihiwaywiin, Four Rivers, Matawa Education, KKETS and the Matawa Health Co-op are closed for Labour Day. They will be back on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

On Monday in Thunder Bay for groceries, you have some choices, Skaafs in Current River is open. So is George’s Market. All major grocery chains will be closed Monday.

Home Depot will be closed on Monday.

Ne-Chee Friendship Centre will be closed on September 5 for the Labour Day Statutory Holiday. We will be open again on Tuesday September 6 at 9:00 am.

In Dryden the Recreation Centre is closed for the Labour Day Monday.