5 Relaxing Games To Help Calm Your Nerves

    5 Relaxing Games To Help Calm Your Nerves

    Relaxing games can come in handy in many situations. Sometimes you don’t want any challenge, complicated stories and complex mechanics. You just want to clear your head and get some rest. Lucky you: we’ve made a list of just such games.


    #1. Solitaire Social

    Card games in a pleasant company relax, reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Moreover, scientists have found that cards can strengthen the immune system. We are talking about games that require concentration, mathematical skills and strong memory. Pure negativity detox. Relax and get Solitaire Play right now.

    #2. The Sims 4

    One of the most famous and large-scale simulators, The Sims 4 allows you to literally live many lives for a variety of characters. At the beginning, you will be asked to make your Sim and set him a life goal, because every person has it one way or another. Your character can create a real family and even make furry friends.

    The value of The Sims 4 is the opportunity to be distracted and immersed in a fictional world. Here, the authors also promote the ideas of kindness, peace and a quiet life.

    #3. It Takes Two

    You’ve probably heard a lot about It Takes Two. The hit of the Hazelight studio surprised the whole world and won the hearts of the players. The project deservedly became the game of 2021 at The Game Awards and collected a bunch of positive ratings and various awards. Almost everyone seems to like It Takes Two. The game catches with its idea, which is based on human relations, as well as fun and easy gameplay.

    The story is based on the fate of Cody and May, who decide to get a divorce. By coincidence, they turn into dolls and go on a crazy journey that will strengthen their relationship and think again before making a choice towards divorce. The game has memorable levels, and the main message is read literally from the first minutes. A fun and kind game for those who want to relax and get distracted.

    #4. Concrete Genie

    Quite often, small projects outshine large games and become the darlings of the audience. One of these games can be called Concrete Genie. The game tells the story of a guy named Ash who suffers from bullying. He finds peace and salvation in magical paint that brings his drawings to life and helps him cope with problems.

    The game has a bright visual style and cute spirits that become Ash’s friends. The main character is almost like a rescuer who is trying to restore life in the city and get rid of hooligans. Concrete Genie immerse you in a magical and kind world, in which light still defeats darkness. The game allows you to feel like a real artist and embody the most cherished desires.

    #5. Stardew valley

    In 2016, developer Eric Baron released the successor to Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley. It was called a village game with soul, love and charisma. These words are justified. In Stardew Valley, you have a small legacy farm at your disposal. From this moment the most interesting begins.

    You can do a lot in the game: develop your farm, explore caves, communicate with residents, and even get animals. The basis of the project is the most meditative gameplay that immerses you in the atmosphere of a good world without anger and hatred.

    Wrap up

    Just like movies, games can evoke a variety of emotions. Games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill can be as scary as the best horror movies. Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid are the best at creating the sense of tension and menace. Call of Duty and Fortnite-style games fuel the adrenaline and excitement of their multiplayer battles.

    But sometimes you just want to relax and play without tension. For example, after a hard day at work, when lying on the couch you want to immerse yourself in another world without too much hassle.

    We hope our list will help you with this. Good luck!

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