Reza Ramyar Talks About the Challenges and Hurdles He Overcame to Succeed as a Singer and Musician


    Reza Ramyar is a pop and rap musician and singer is one of the young and handsome Iranian singers who was born on 11 April 1990. Perhaps the best and most popular song of Reza Ramyar can be considered his song “Khoda Joonam,” which he released in 2018. Reza Ramyar has been interested in music since he was a teenager and participated in piano playing classes, but his family’s opposition prevented him from pursuing his interest at that time, and his family forced him to continue his studies in another field.


    He has completed his university education in the field of civil engineering at the Azad University of Zanjan. But due to his great interest in singing and music since he was a teenager, he participated in singing classes when he became financially independent, and the first piece with his voice was released a few months after he finished his studies and was well received.


    In 2014, when he was 26 years old, he released his first song professionally called “Mane Ravani” although this song was noticed by many young people who were interested in music, it was criticized by some songwriters. It is interesting to know that in addition to singing and composing, he also has a hand in songwriting and wrote his own songs. In the first years of his career, he decided to learn songwriting, but due to his lack of experience and no cooperation from the industry, he was faced with a hurdle.


    Reza Ramyar is one of the singers who endured a lot of hardships on the way to his passion for singing, and in recent years he has gradually been able to see the results of his efforts. Despite his interest in music as a teenager, he could not enter this field because of his family’s opinions and their opposition to entering the field of music. According to Reza Ramyar himself, his current position has both made him happy and worried him a little, but he still has to work hard to achieve his biggest goal. One of Reza Ramyar’s goals is to perform concerts on stage for his fans.


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