Niklas Nikolajsen on How to Earn Your Audience Trust on Social Media


Social media is no longer optional for businesses/brands. It has become a crucial tool for success. With more than half of the population on social media, it is the perfect avenue to connect with your customers, gain valuable insights and even grow your venture. However, the only way most people will take an interest in your brand and consider purchasing your products/services is when they trust what you offer. So how do you build trust on social media? 

Niklas Nikolajsen, a crypto pioneer and influencer, shares how you can earn your audience’s trust on social media. Niklas is a trusted name in the crypto industry and is the honorary chairman of the Board of Directors at the Bitcoin Suisse AG. He is also the former founder and Chairman/CEO of Bitcoin Suisse AG. 

According to Niklas, the number one key to helping you build trust and grow your online brand is to be authentic and open about what you have to offer. He explains that when your content clearly represents your brand story, it becomes easier for the public to trust you and even engage in conversations. 

It is also important to give your target audience room to express their views and how they feel about your products/services. Niklas notes that one common mistake that he has seen with most influencers/ business owners is turning off their comment section on social media or limiting comments. 

To a consumer who has never engaged with your brand, this screams dishonesty, explains Niklas. It is as if you have something to hide or you are in fear that customers will call you out and, for this reason, many will not engage with your brand.  

Another way to build trust with your audience, as explained by Niklas, is by sharing past customer reviews. Niklas explains that customer testimonials will help you build more trust and it is more powerful than even talking about the business yourself. 

Trust is the basis of any relationship, and with any business, there must be trust between the two parties for the transaction to occur. While building trust with your clients on social media is not easy, and it is not something that happens overnight, it is possible. As Niklas shows us, we just have to work towards it, and with time we will get there. 

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