Interview with Ricardo Santiago Soto (acting/writing)



    -why are you an actor?

    I am an actor mainly to perform for others to be entertained. I want others to enjoy life and if I can help, then I see it as a good deed. I see acting as a creative outlet where I get to step into someone else’s shoes. Where else can you live someone else’s life than in acting, unless you work a variety of jobs. I have many interests in life and this is a great way to live a more fulfilled life.

    -what sort of work have you done?

    I have not acted much, except for background extra work. Extra work is a lot of fun to be part of a production, such as USC student films. USC is known in the film industry as being superb. I initially got my start volunteering at the American Film Institute (AFI) Film Festival doing publicity and marketing. When I was young, I told my dad I was going to have my name within one of the credits someday. Besides extra work, I interview business executives, up and coming actors/actresses, pageant contestants, and other celebrities for TJFI News.

    -what are your goals as an actor?

    I want to win awards as an actor. The bigger the award the better. I want to have a fanbase who go see my films and work. That means I need to keep entertaining fans, which I am happy to do. I want to portray people realistically and make it interesting. I want to show a unique, intriguing angle with the creation I produce. I want to keep creating. I am going to act in my own web series titled, ‘Intelligence Mobsters,’ which is slowly being produced.


    -what kind of writing have you done?

    I have written scripts for documentaries, web shows, and news journalism that I produced via The Journal for Innovation Corporation. I am also an author.

    -what is your best achievement, thus far?

    I have won four (4) awards for a documentary I produced called ‘Intelligence Community Abuses: The Interviews,’ eight (8) awards for TJFI News, and ten (10) awards for news journalism.

    -what are your goals as a writer?

    My goal is to produce a documentary on pageantry called, ‘Platforms: Using Your Pageantry Voice for a Cause,’ which has won four (4) screenwriting awards. I also want to produce a web series titled, ‘Dating Hollywood,’ which has won six (6) screenwriting awards. I also want to produce a documentary titled, ‘Bifemme,’ which has won eight (8) screenwriting awards. I also want to continue to produce a web series titled, ‘Blockchain, Tokens and Coins,’ which has won four (4) web/tv series awards. I am currently searching for accredited investors to invest in The Journal for Innovation Corporation to propel these goals into production and distribution via TJFI TV.


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