Discover The True Murder Mysteries With a Wife Who Loves It And a Husband Who Hates It


We have always heard that opposites attract. But is that really true? While some people might think otherwise, like-minded individuals with common interests can get into a relationship much more effortlessly compared to others. For most, that’s not having the same interests is usually the weak point in their relationships.

Generally, people with contrasting personality traits connect easily and are ultimately happier in their relationships. There are myriad reasons why opposites attract, one of which is the excitement of exploring the unknown. But, when you have too many similarities, what is there to learn?

In fact, there is a little adventure or challenge, leaving lots of room for fun in these kinds of relationships, and that’s exactly what we see in our Murder With My Husband Podcast duo – Garrett and Payton Moreland. The tagline of their venture is, “A true crime podcast with a wife who loves it and a husband who hates it.” And that basically summarizes the whole essence of the podcast.

As far as the podcast is concerned, Payton Moreland explores and narrates true crimes to her husband, Garrett, who seems least interested in what is happening. But wait there is a twist! Though he hates crime as per the tagline, he keeps on asking questions and probes in order to better understand the situation. This narration and Payton’s constant detailing of real-life events, complemented by pictures and video footages, keep the audience, as well as her husband, engaged till the end.

Payton Moreland is a gifted storyteller. She starts off her podcast by narrating the crime, be it a dead body found in a lake, people missing from their homes, kidnapped victims, etc. She goes on to give a detailed account of the day it happened. Using pictures from police evidence or video clips wherever required, she takes you through the victim’s or murderer’s day and you feel as if you are living their life. You see the victim going out for dinner with her murderer and you would want to scream out to her to run away, save herself but you know it’s too late. That is the power of Payton’s storytelling.

While she is narrating the story in her gripping tone, Garrett asks interesting questions in the middle or provides feedback that makes it all the more intriguing. This dynamic of the couple really works to keep the listeners hooked.

For every story, they move step by step, providing the victim’s family’s reactions or the actions they performed during the process of finding out about the perpetrator. Hence the listeners are bound to get emotionally invested in the story.

Imagine a family reaching out to police in a different country to report their missing daughter who was there for a vacation to later find out that she has been murdered in her hotel room by her online date. That is simply traumatic! You just wish she had not gone out on a date that day. You so wish you could tell her to beware of the guy but you can’t do it anymore. It’s emotionally stirring and heartbreaking.

Even though Payton knows the end of each crime, she strategically doesn’t delve into it from the start. She builds it up, captures her audience and then reveals the culprit and his side of the story right at the end. This way, you have walked through the story in the victim’s shoes, you feel their pain and are satiated to know that the perpetrator met his end.

The true crime covered by Payton and Garrett Moreland requires a lot of research and interview snippets in order to deliver a complete authentic investigative report with no loopholes.

The most effective feature of the podcast is that Payton and Garrett talk about true crimes in a sensitive manner keeping the involved families’ sentiments in mind. Moreover, they make sure to not cash upon their emotions. They are simply informing about the cases in a way that listeners can relate to the victim’s family and also empathize with them.

It’s no surprise that within two years, Murder With My Husband has made its place on the list of Top 30 podcasts in the true crime genre worldwide and in the Top 100 general podcasts worldwide. Their subscribers are increasing by the day as more and more people want to understand the backstories of true crimes happening around them.

As we see it, Murder With My Husband is not just an infotainment podcast where people get to learn about criminals but it also serves as a precaution for them to learn from others’ mistakes. It makes them more careful around people or strangers and helps them become conscious of their surroundings so they don’t become a victim of any other criminal mind.

Murder With My Husband is one of the most intriguing podcasts in the true crime genre and it is gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

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