Brent Franklin Knows Luck is the Result of Hard Work, Not Coincidence

Brent Franklin
Brent Franklin

You can’t get what you’ve never had by doing what you’ve always done. The path of least resistance is the path that provides the best sense of familiarity. But being comfortable can lead to complacency, which is the enemy of growth. If you want to reach places you’ve only dreamed of, you must get dirty and explore depths you’ve never imagined. Brent Franklin, inspirational influencer, real estate investor, and oil and gas operator/investor, encourages his followers to reach deep and take risks, pushing themselves to grow and create or produce change.

Brent knows how to handle adversity. He started from the bottom after leaving school in the 9th grade. He learned discipline while serving in the US Navy, then worked for his father in plumbing. He always knew he wanted to be on his own, forging his own path and creating his own legacy.

The process of growth and development in the professional world of entrepreneurship led him through landscaping, construction, real estate, and oil and gas. He experienced success and failure in each, and applied the skills and lessons acquired to the next opportunity. “Failure is whenever you get knocked down and you don’t get back up,” Brent says. Failure was not an option for Brent.

The most interesting skill he has learned to apply is creativity. It keeps his perspective fresh and flexible, seeing opportunities that others may not recognize. This was the case for Brent when he realized real estate models could be applied to oil and gas leases. He approached drilling in a way that was unheard of in the industry and began making waves by restoring production to drills in disrepair and then selling the leases to other investors for a substantial profit.

Brent Franklin has worked hard to get where he is today, starting every day with a willingness to get up and try again. Brent urges others: “If you want different results, you’ve got to do something different.” The harder you work toward your goals, the greater your chances are of success. And for Brent, success is simply peace of mind, regardless of where tomorrow leads.

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