Athena Ag. Is a True Innovator in the Cannabis Industry

Athena AG

The move by various states and countries to legalize marijuana has opened the cannabis industry to more opportunities and innovations. People from all over are working to advance cannabis in their own respective ways, which has resulted in industry-changing innovations in different sectors. Athena Ag. is a top manufacturer of liquid and dry fertilizer blends leading the charge from the front.

While it was started in 2018, Athena Ag. has managed to redefine the industry quickly. They are widely known for their nutrient lines that are changing the cannabis farming landscape while helping cannabis growers produce more high-quality plants.

With its team of professionals, Athena Ag. specializes in providing clean, high-quality, and balanced nutrients that will have no negative impact on the plant or environment. Every input is tested before it’s considered being put into any Athena Ag. formulation. Additionally, they do random testing of the batches before they are released to the headquarters and other distributors.

According to Brandon Burkhart, owner, and founder of Athena Ag., this helps them ensure each raw material used helps them achieve the targeted result. Before starting Athena Ag., Burkhart was a commercial cannabis grower and the frustration from using different products and the inconsistencies they brought to the production is what inspired him to launch Athena Ag. Together with his team, they have created a simplified line that improves quality, reduces the cost of cultivation, and is well balanced with fewer parts to be used.

Athena Ag. owns its own manufacturing company, Athena Manufacturing Group, where they oversee each process right from the formulation. They have also partnered with farms across the USA to closely monitor and analyze how plants are after the farmers use their nutrients. Currently, their main products are liquid and powdered fertilizers. They have the Blended Line, Pro Line, Foliar Line, and IPM Line.

Having been in the industry for years, their experience as a team and their skills enable them to formulate and manufacture products that are helping cannabis growers yield better results. Athena Ag.’s director of manufacturing and head formulator, Chris Durand, has been working in the field for over 15 years. Before joining Athena Ag., Durand worked at the University of California, Davis leading greenhouse research operations.

Additionally, their facility advisor, Henry Canby, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Sustainable Agriculture. He is an expert on integrating beneficials with organic sprays and using nematodes and other insects in the root zone. Together, they use their skills to manufacture balanced and quality nutrients for cannabis cultivation.

Looking into the current trends, the future of cannabis is starting to take shape. As the industry continues to attract attention, cannabis research is vital—more so now that we live in the age of information. Athena Ag. is redefining the market with each new product while providing the most up-to-date knowledge based on research, testing, and development.

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