LRCA Flood Watch Update: April 23/2022 9:00 AM

Flood Watch Issued for Dryden.
Flood Watch Issued

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority is continuing the Flood Watch for the Lakehead Region including:  City of Thunder Bay, Municipalities of Neebing, Oliver Paipoonge, Shuniah and the Townships of O’Connor, Conmee, Gillies and Dorion.

Some area gauges have recorded over 50 millimetres of mixed precipitation overnight.  Area watercourses have risen overnight; however, are below bank full conditions.  Additional precipitation with the risk of thunderstorms is predicted throughout Saturday into Sunday.

The above average snowpack will absorb some of the rainfall; however, due to frozen ground conditions, runoff and ponding in low lying areas is expected to increase and watercourses are expected to continue to rise over the weekend.  Some area roads may experience flooding, due to blocked and frozen culverts and ditches.

The public is advised to pay attention to local forecasts, and exercise caution in and around area waterways.

High flows and unstable slippery banks could be dangerous. Parents and caregivers are advised to keep children away from all waterways and discuss the hazards of cold fast flowing water.

Additionally, never drive through flooded roads.

A Flood Watch is issued when the assessed conditions indicate that the potential flooding exists. Authority Staff will continue to monitor conditions as part of its flood forecasting and warning program.  Additional messages will only be sent out if warranted.  This message will remain in effect until 12 p.m. Monday April 25, 2022 unless updated earlier.

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