Competition-Based NFT, NFa, Debuts April 2022


The NFT market is long overdue for an innovative project that brings real-world utility to the space. Luckily, NFT collectors won’t have to wait long. NFa, a unique new NFT project, is set to be released in April 2022.

NFa showcases a competition-focused concept and aims to provide its community members with exceptional utility. Designed around the idea of WAGMI, the NFa development team will introduce creative strategies that allow all NFT collectors to participate on an equal playing field. By working with other NFT, crypto, and Web3 communities, the NFa team will be able to provide life-changing benefits for all.

Starting in April, NFT enthusiasts will be able to mint NFa pills. NFa holders will then be on a mission to collect as many pills as possible, in order to become a top 800 holder. The competition will heat up as top whales battle for their positions from week to week due to the project’s unlimited supply of NFa pills.

At the end of every week, the top 800 whales will receive $WAGMI utility tokens. For those NFa collectors who don’t earn a top spot, other opportunities to win and earn $WAGMI tokens will also be available.

What can NFa pill holders do with their $WAGMI? The NFa Experience Store will be a mecca for all things NFT, crypto, and Web3-related. Using $WAGMI tokens, collectors will be able to purchase exclusive services, goods, and experiences, including tickets to events and other blue-chip NFTs at a discounted price (think Hape Prime, Azuki, BAYC, and more).

The NFa Experience Store is expected to open in Q2 2022.

NFa will kick off with a public mint in April, followed by a pre-sales where community members will have access to NFa pills at a discounted price.

Public mint and pre-sale dates and times are expected to be released shortly.

For all the latest project news and announcements, stay tuned to NFa’s website and socials:

Twitter – Project NFa #NFT (@NFanFTio) / Twitter
Instagram – Project NFa #NFT (@nfanft) • Instagram photos and videos
Website –

Discord –

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