Transitioning Cats to an Automatic Litter Box


I just employed a personal assistant for cat cleanup. After years of stinky stenches and constant scooping, I simply couldn’t cope anymore. My new personal assistant is a perfectionist with an eye for detail. He’s highly efficient, always punctual, and constantly refreshes the litter after every cat’s potty break, day or night. I’m talking about none other than ChouBox, the innovative automatic cat toileting system. To say it has dramatically improved my relationship with my cats, my family and my home is an understatement.

ChouBox’s creators are an eclectic millennial team of designers, engineers, production experts and supply chain specialists. They’re all pet owners versed in the challenges of cat parenting. Their mission statement says they’re passionate about helping animals and their humans achieve a happier lifestyle. Although desperate for freedom from scooping, I was still a bit skeptical. Would all three of my older cats transition to it? Would it really only need emptying twice a month?

The short answer is a resounding yes and yes. ChouBox more than delivers on its promises.

Jasmine, Allegra and Tango acclimated to their new potty place within 48 hours. Once one of them got the idea, the other two followed along. Within 2 days, we had downsized from a household of four traditional open litter pans to a single sleek odorless ChouBox.

My approach was simple. I just sat on the floor in the same room with their new litter box and played with my cats. Eventually, curiosity got the best of Jasmine

and she wandered inside. After several minutes, she did her business. At first, I worried that the ChouBox wasn’t working, but then remembered the infrared and gravity sensors paused cleaning functions until the animal was out of range. This is a great feature because it avoids spooking the cat. It makes them feel safe and secure, contributing to the ease with which they transitioned to their new potty.

After 14 days of constant use by my Abyssinians, I honestly expected to detect a pungent odor of ammonia. Nope. Nada. The family room smelled as fresh and clean as the day it was set up. The smart app sent a reminder to my phone that today was cleaning day, so I girded myself for the unpleasant event.

Again, my worries were entirely unjustified. The 2 weeks of litter coated urine and feces had dropped into a convenient garbage bag in the sealed receptacle. Upon opening it, the dual sanitizing features of the ChouBox’s ozone generator and LED lights nearly neutralized the stink. All I did was pull up on the bag’s drawstrings and voilá: easy waste removal, no mess, no fuss. The interior of ChouBox seemed as clean as a whistle, but I wiped it down with a gentle odorless cleaner, just to be sure. Reassembly was a breeze, and I poured fresh litter into the top opening to restart the cycle.

ChouBox is a tidy answer to the problem of kitty clean up. It finally gave this cat owner freedom from scooping and a hygienic way to keep my home fresh and cats happy. The best time to get ChouBox is now. It’s launching on Indiegogo with special perks and early discounts. Check it out HERE.

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