War Update #2 – Russia Hitting Ukraine Hard with Air Strikes


President Zelensky invites Putin to begin negotiations

KIEV – International News – UPDATED – “I want again to appeal to the president of the Russian Federation. There is fighting across Ukraine’s entire territory. Let’s sit down at the negotiating table and stop the loss of life,” the Ukrainian president stated online in a new video address.

President Zelensky has called on people across Europe to come to Ukraine’s defense. “The invasion of Ukraine isn’t just an invasion but the start of a war against Europe. A war against Europe’s unity. Against basic human rights in Europe. Against all the rules of coexistence on this continent. Against the fact that European states refuse to divide their borders by force,” Zelensky stated.

President Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists at today’s daily briefing, “The Kremlin welcomes statements from officials in Kyiv indicating readiness to negotiate Ukrainian neutrality. The Russian authorities will study these declarations”.

The ground under the feet of the occupier must burn!

The Ukraine Government says that “The defense forces continued to resist a significant offensive groups of Russian invaders. The enemy carried out air strike on divisions around the city of Kropyvnytsky.

“Significant activity of enemy helicopters in the areas above Vylkovo and from Tiraspol direction was observed.

“The airborne assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting in the areas of the settlements of Dymer and Ivankiv, where a large number of hostile armored vehicles have advanced, and have stopped the overwhelming enemy forces on the border of the Teteriv River. The bridge across the river was destroyed.

“Another tactical group of the defense forces is protecting the Gostomel airfield, to which Russian airborne troops rushed yesterday.

“The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine protects the sky over Kyiv. Thus, after 04:00 a.m., the Ukrainian air defense system did not allow the two deadly “gifts” of the “brothers” to reach the capital.

“Join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the forces of Territorial Defense Units!

“The ground under the feet of the occupier must burn!”

Russian forces are continuing to advance closer to the Ukrainian capital Friday.  Air raid sirens have been blaring and people have been seeking shelter in deep subway stations.

The Ukraine Defense Ministry has reported saboteurs just miles from Kyiv’s center, and Kyiv has been witness to predawn explosions.

The Biden administration has cautioned lawmakers that the capital could soon fall.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced late Thursday that 137 Ukrainians have been killed and 316 wounded after the first day of fighting.

Zelensky states that “Russians were targeting civilian areas, not just military sites. The Mayor of Kyiv has reported that at least one residential building in the capital caught fire after being hit by rocket debris, as part of a full-scale attack. Several Ukrainians said rockets struck Kyiv early Friday.

International Support

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressing the British House of Commons on the situation in Ukraine.

Across the globe there are statements condemning the invasion of Ukraine by President Putin, and countries are enacting sanctions.

In Thunder Bay, Marcus Powlowski MP for Thunder Bay-Rainy River has issued a very strong condemnation of the invasion and is calling for action to support the people of the Ukraine.

The Canadian Red Cross has set up a fund people can donate to in support of the Ukraine.

Poland is Welcoming Ukraine Refugees

Russian Are Protesting the War

More than 300 schoolteachers in 35 regions across Russia have endorsed a public statement denouncing the war against Ukraine:

“Any war means casualties and destruction. It inevitably entails mass human rights violations. War is a disaster.

“The war with Ukraine, which began on the night between February 23 and 24, is not our war. The invasion of Ukraine’s territory began in the name of Russian citizens but against our will.
We are teachers, and violence goes against the very essence of our profession. The inferno of war will claim the lives of our students. War will inevitably lead to the aggravation of our country’s social problems. We support the anti-war protests and demand an immediate ceasefire”.

The Kremlin comments on anti-war protests across Russia

This is a partial transcript from Dmitry Peskov, President Putin’s Press Secretary from his daily briefing with journalists:

Meduza: In the Kremlin, as you said yesterday, it is believed that the Russian people support the military operation against Ukraine. Yesterday, however, there wasn’t much jubilation seen about the invasion of our neighboring state. On the contrary, many Russians went out and picketed, they published anti-war statements on social media, and so on. In response to protests in many cities, hundreds of citizens were arrested. First, on what grounds were they arrested? Don’t people have the right to express their opposition to war? Second, is the president prepared to listen to their opinion? Or does this mean nothing, and the war will continue?

Dmitry Peskov: First, of course, there are citizens who can have their own point of view. And, on the one hand, we need to explain [things] better to these citizens — that’s also absolutely clear.

Second, without following the appropriate procedures, these citizens have no legal right to organize demonstrations to express their point of view. There is such a thing as solo picketing, but not what I would call mass demonstrations, whereas events with the participation of [more than] a certain number of people simply aren’t allowed under the law. And that is why certain measures were taken against them.

Third, the president hears everyone’s opinion and understands, let’s say, the proportions of those who have a different point of view and those who are sympathetic to such forced [military] operations.

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