A brief story about famous Iranian girl, Mary HM and her journey to success peak

Mary HM

With eminent development of social media during last decade, Instagram became a considerable stage for artists to express their art to different variety of people in a new, modern way. This was also a great opportunity for new artists. Many debutants used this occurrence as an opportunity to show their art and skills to the world and make their way to the top of show business. Mary HM is one of those former debutants who used this occasion and worked her way up.

Today, Mary HM is known as a famous Iranian actress, singer and comedian with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Seyyedeh Maryam Hashemi better known as Mary HM was born on August 1, 1988 in Tehran. Mary HM is graduated with B.S degree in “Graphic” major and M.S degree in “Marketing Management” major.

She is also very interested in sports and to be more accurate, Karate. She had started Karate at the age 10 and had participated in domestic league and international games and was awarded with different medals.

Her love for cinema formed a foundation for her talents for acting in some films such as” Blackout of the sea” in 2001, “Hooray Night” in 2007, “Bitter Sugar” in 2008, “the lost share” in 2007.

This motivated her to came with more activity in film and filmmaking.

First signs of her tremendous verve of comedy were expressed by writing some short comedy screen play in 2016, when she made one of her screenplays called “The Dalton Sisters” into a series.

Following that in 2019 she extended her work to social media, especially Instagram; and posted over 90 short comedy clips in that year. Year after year more people were attracted to Mary HM art. The reason is that her type of comedy is touchable and nostalgic for Iranian people. Mary HM uses comedy and dark comedy as a language to talk about economic problems, cultural problems and social problems and in this way she has effected many people with her art.

In the last two years, with her remarkable progress, Mary HM has attracted the attention of all domestic and foreign media, and was even introduced as the most influential female user on Instagram in the popular magazine and Blizzard, and is remembered as the top influencer without the yellow content of Instagram. Mary HM provided a platform for women to work on Instagram and new talents were discovered.

“Mehran Modiri” and “Peyman Ghasem khani” are her two favourite comedians; She has mentioned “Peyman Ghasem khani” as her legend and said that she is dreaming work with him in future.

Another big dream of her is to get permission to directing a movie.

Mary HM has many followers nowadays and has proven herself as a talented and famous comedian in Iranian society. With her talent and persevering we can see that in the near future she can make her way into international stages.

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