Music Holds Immense Power According to Frank Fourie

Frank Fourie
Frank Fourie

Music holds immense power that many don’t realize until it hits them right in the feels. On paper, music looks like a sequence of symbols and blobs of ink that most people cannot make sense of. However, once that is translated into what we know as music, everyone is able to relate to the art form. Frank Fourie explains that the beauty of music is in feeling it and letting it sweep through you rather than trying to understand or decode it.

According to Frank Fourie, when you listen to music, your experience begins to shape, which differs from the next person’s. Some will be pulled in by the emotion in the singer’s voice, while others will tune into the lyrics. Others, yet, will gravitate towards the instruments and the melody. Put together, these separate elements create one masterful song yet provide such varied experiences on their own.

Music has the power to influence decisions and behaviors. Fourie explains that everyone associates different songs with varying experiences in their life. For instance, there is music that links you to the past; when you listen to a particular song, it may carry you back to a specific time, place, or person. That ability of music to conjure all sorts of emotions depending on your connection to the song is what is most ethereal about the art form. He further says that music offers everyone an opportunity to travel through their emotions.

Another beauty of music is that it is a form of therapy. It can help you lose yourself in feelings and situations, pick them apart, and help you find your true self. According to Frank Fourie, whether you are a passive or active listener, music is a form of self-therapy that can help you understand yourself and your deepest emotions.

“Music is a culmination of beautiful explosions of sounds, words, and expressions,” says Frank Fourie. “After all, the beauty of music lies in the meaning you attach to it.”

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