The Most Common Causes of Workplace Fires

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As we live in an age where information is easily accessible, people are more informed than ever. As a result, we are more aware of our actions and their consequences. Though this is a fact, some people may not have enough knowledge whenever talking about fires. The sad part is, it can happen anytime and anywhere even in the office – yet employees do not care much about it.

As you can see, a fire outbreak can have devastating results. This is why it is suggested that business owners contact fire watch services to protect their workplaces and commercial facilities. This is to prevent fires and possible explosions from destroying the property and could even human lives.

If you are planning to conduct training or keep employees informed, here are some of the most common causes of workplace fires.

Faulty electrical systems and equipment.

Damaged, defective, or abused electrical appliances cause tens of thousands of fires each year. Loose cables, defective connections, and inappropriate use can cause overheating that is considered potential fire threats covered due to faulty electronic systems or wirings.

Regularly inspecting the electrical equipment, correcting any defects or damage as soon as they’re discovered, and ensuring that health and safety policies are in place (and followed) can all help to prevent fires. Automatic fire detection systems can reduce the hazards to people and property in a building by providing early notice of a fire. Automatic fire suppression in plants and machinery will detect and extinguish a fire in its early stages. In case you find one before a fire will break out, you can immediately call for fire watch guards to assist.


There was a statistic saying that almost one-third of fires are caused by smoking. This is usually due to the live-fire coming from cigarettes that are not extinguished properly after use. Having a designated smoking area on your premises is an excellent strategy to reduce smoking-related fires. This should be at least 4 meters away from your buildings, and tight smoking laws should ensure that everyone who smokes does so in designated places. Installing fire extinguishers in these spaces is also a smart idea.

Arson or human error

Workplace fires are frequently caused by arson as well. Unfortunately, when left unattended for lengthy periods of time, industrial sites are particularly vulnerable to vandalism and arson. The adoption of advanced video fire detection systems can help to prevent arson attacks, where arsonists will be deterred by good security measures.

Error or accidents can cause fires too. This includes those employees that are working in areas where there is a fire or they have to deal with high temperatures. Just a small act of accidentally throwing a light material on fire can start a big one. 

There could be other sources of fire in the workplace like improper disposal of flammable materials and faulty fire protection systems. Rebuilding following a fire is difficult and some may never be able to do so. There are several proactive, practical measures you may take to reduce both the risk and effects of a fire. This includes proper dissemination of information and hiring fire watch guards when necessary. Tip: to search for the best fire watch guards for your office, try reading reviews online or through social media sites like Facebook.

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