Situations Requiring Active Fire Watch Services

Fire Watch

Active fire watch guards are indeed misunderstood most of the time and undervalued. It is one of the most effective ways to prevent fire, compared to most fire protection systems. For example, a water sprinkler system will only activate when the smoke is detected. In this situation, the fire could have already started and some items may have already been water damaged.

One of the main duties of a fire watch guard is to prevent fire through patrolling and inspection. They are skilled and knowledgeable enough to know what to do when they foresee a life-threatening situation. Speaking of situations, under what circumstances would you really need an active fire watch service?

Broken Fire Protection System

The law or ordinances in selected states require business owners to hire a fire watch security guard whenever the fire protection system is not working or under maintenance. Since fire can happen anytime and anywhere, this will ensure that this incident will not occur when the system is not available. Since repairing or replacing them may take some time, a fire watch guard should be available until the systems are back up and running.

Water and/or Electricity Loss

When either power or water is not available (sometimes even both), a fire watch security guard is required. This is similar to the first pointer – fire protection system may not be fully functional when there’s no electricity, and most likely when there is no water supply. As many owners rely on these systems, it is better to hire a guard when they are not working.

Businesses That Use Fire

Aside from kitchens, businesses that use fire like welding or burning may require an active fire watch guard. Even if the staff are professional and have years of experience, accidents can still happen. Getting a fire watch guard to monitor them (while they are using fire-producing machines and equipment) will give business owners an added peace of mind. In addition, hiring these guards may be required by the law in selected states. 

Business Dealing With Light Materials or Flammable Substances

Obviously, these items can cause fire easily. When a business is dealing with light materials (like fabric and paper), fire can spread easily like those of flammable substances. It is highly recommended to get a fire watch security guard to patrol the area all day and all night. They are well-versed and skilled enough to know how to handle these types of materials.

Construction or Demolition

Construction and demolition may also need to use equipment that would produce fire. Therefore, they will also need active fire watch services. They are also prone to fire as they deal with different substances that could be flammable enough. Besides, many state governments require them until it is completed. 

Honestly, any business would be well-protected when hiring a fire watch service like the guards from The Fast Fire Watch Co. They are certified from various training that will ensure that their main duties are performed well. Apart from this, the agency has completed thousands of patrol hours with their years of being active in the market. If you own a business and would like to protect it at all costs, include having a fire watch guard in your option.

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