Sister Kristy Shares 5 Date Night Tips For Men


Dating in the digital world that offers so many apps, platforms, and opportunities can be overwhelming. To find out the best tips for dating in the Internet age, we turned to model and Instagram influencer Sister Kristy. Here, she shares her five date night tips for men when things move from digital dating to real-life romancing.

  1. Don’t Google your date too much!

“Don’t ruin the mystery!” Sister Kristy says. “If you like what you see, then wait until the date night to find out more about her.” According to Sister Kristy, letting her open up to you will feel a lot better than pretending that you haven’t already found out everything about her online.

  1. Be honest

Sister Kristy considers honesty to be a very attractive quality in a man and believes that she’s not alone. She says, “Women like to know where they stand, whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just something casual, so be honest and let her know.”

  1. Show your interest

According to Sister Kristy, guys often put a lot of effort into trying to be interesting rather than showing how interested they are in their date. “Show her that you’re curious to know more about her, ask her questions, and really listen to her answers,” she reveals.

  1. Make an effort

“Most girls would rather have a guy who makes an effort to spend time with her rather than one who just tries to impress her with how much money he spends,” Sister Kristy states.

  1. Share your passion

Sister Kristy believes that date night is a great time to share with her something that you’re passionate about. “Crazy about video games? Take her to an old-school arcade. Sharing your interests with her will help her to get to know the real you.”

With a devoted following since she first launched herself as an online model in 2016, Sister Kristy surely knows how to impress, so her tips are clearly worth taking.

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