The Solution to Getting More Matches When Dating Online: Introducing The Match Artist

    The Solution to Getting More Matches When Dating Online: Introducing The Match Artist

    How’s your online dating experience? If you aren’t getting the matches and dates you deserve, it’s probably because of your photos. 

    As superficial as it may sound, online dating success is often based on the quality and appearance of your pictures. The photos on your online dating profile are the first thing people see, and they’re often the only thing holding you back from getting more matches and going on better dates. 

    “That fuzzy bar photo, the car selfie, and that photo of you from three years ago don’t accurately portray who you really are,” says Nick Friesen, co-founder of The Match Artist. “It only takes one second for someone to decide if they’re interested in you. People are swiping through hundreds of profiles and if you want to stand out above the rest, you have to start with better photos.”

    Nick Friesen and Shane White founded The Match Artist after realizing photos are the key to online dating success. They’re the true online dating photography experts, having helped nearly 600 guys transform their online dating profiles through an intriguing style of photography and facial expression coaching. 

    The Match Artist’s Premium Service

    The guys at The Match Artist know that photos are everything. They know exactly how to capture you in your element and take photos that will set you apart.

    The Match Artist photographers always take the time to get to know their clients before each shoot. They want to understand your personality, lifestyle, and current online dating experience so they can capture who you are and what makes you unique.

    Nick describes the The Match Artist difference: “We delve deep into each client’s personality to get quality photos. You’ll take your best shots when you feel comfortable around the photographer. When a photographer fails to spend enough time getting to know you, it shows. Your pictures will seem boring and posed, which is not what we aim for.”

    Photoshoots are laid back and fun. One client said, “It kinda felt like hanging out with a friend, but a friend that’s got your back and your best interest in mind. They are as interested in making you look great as you are interested in looking great.” 

    Shoots are about 4-5 hours in various locations depending on your hobbies and interests. Whether you like to cook, rock climb, play the guitar, run marathons, or volunteer at the animal shelter, The Match Artist photographers are skilled at helping you look confident and natural while doing the things you love. 

    More than just taking photos, The Match Artist team knows how to bring out your confidence, joy, and mystery through facial expression coaching. Nick Friesen has spent years studying what makes a great photo, and it all comes down to facial expressions. 

    “It’s funny how the mind seems to go blank when a camera comes out. What do I do with my face? Where do I put my hands? Photos often feel contrived because they are. The facial expressions we make when we naturally laugh, smirk, or concentrate are lost in front of the camera. We’re left with a manufactured version of what we think smiling, laughing, or smirking looks like,” says Nick Friesen. “At The Match Artist, we’ve dialed in on this and we use facial expression coaching to help guys naturally portray confidence, mystery, joy, etc. anytime a camera comes out.”

    Results That Change How You See Yourself

    Over the past five years, The Match Artist has transformed hundreds of guys’ online dating experiences: helping them build lasting, quality connections and relationships. The Match Artist is so much more than just a photography service. Nick Friesen and Shane White are helping guys gain the confidence to get back out there and go on more dates than ever before.

    “We offer a boost to your self-esteem, incredible pictures that highlight your best features, and the assets to go on any dating app and get more dates than ever before.” —Nick Friesen

    If you want to have confidence in the future of your online dating life, check out The Match Artist’s website.


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