The effect of dating apps on current dating trends

The effect of dating apps on current dating trends

Once upon a time, singles connected in bars, nightclubs, or social functions, by answering adverts in ‘lonely hearts’ columns, or through introductions by mutual friends. Then, in the mid-1990s, some web development team had a lightbulb moment: put dating onto the Internet. Going online to find partners became the most revolutionary dating trend ever – and it’s still evolving. Here we examine how dating apps are continuing to impact the world of relationships – with a shortlist you could refer to as ‘the six Cs!’


The range of dating apps customers can choose from reflects the incredible diversity of what individuals are looking for in relationships. Some are looking for casual encounters as their top priority and can sign up for apps based on geolocation technology. This software can pinpoint the position of other users nearby – like a satnav for romance! Other apps cater to those who are seeking a more permanent arrangement and will focus on compatibility. Then there are numerous themes within online dating apps – interracial romance, LGBTQ relationship – the list is endless. If you are looking for a same-sex relationships you can easily check reviews of best lgbt dating appsand based on this information choose the one that suits you the most.


Downloading a dating app to your smart device will grant instant access to a raft of communication options. At a basic level once you sign up to this app, you would be able to enter chat rooms or join in forum, exchanging text messages with your fellow site users. As soon as you come across someone you feel drawn towards, there are options to send ‘winks,’ to ‘like’ their page or send direct messages. The greater the rapport you develop, you might eventually exchange email addresses or phone numbers. A particularly vivid way of kindling sparks of chemistry would be to get involved in video chats.


Algorithms built into dating apps will build a profile of a new member based on their responses when they complete the registration form to create an account. This can then be compared to the aspirations specified by other singles, and when there are mutual interests or even common locations, these can be flagged up. Newcomers browsing through the personal pages on their dating app can also do this assessment manually, homing in on kindred spirits sharing their tastes and interests.


Some time ago, a tipping point was reached where far more people were accessing websites via phones than desktops. This has instigated a flood of apps that can be readily downloaded from stores like Apple or Google Play, many free of charge. Dating apps can be stored in your favourite smart device, allowing you instant access to powerful functionality by tapping the icon on your home screen, wherever you happen to be at the time.


Taking that last point, chemistry, apps create an environment perfect for allowing their users to get to know each other. This is particularly useful if you happen to be a little shy or awkward when interacting with strangers. The relaxing atmosphere will provide you with time to think about what you want to say when you send your next text, and the more you communicate, the easier you’ll find it to find out more about someone’s background. Soon you’ll start flirting with them and building a real rapport.


If there was once a dating trend where singles felt obliged to ‘play it cool,’ or resort to mind games, rather than reveal their true feelings for fear of losing face, apps have put paid to that. The instant and easy communication they offer is far more conducive to honesty and openness.


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