How Omid Kazravan, author of international bestseller “Always Be Closing”, has been changing lives.

Omid Kazravan
Omid Kazravan

How often have we heard of people excelling in their respective fields of work and making their mark on a global platform? Very few we presume, but we have some who have really worked their way to the top, doing exceptionally well by exuding tremendous potential, and emerging at the top. Omid Kazravan is one such name who has done a splendid job in his professional career, which spans across distinct areas. Be it being an internationally acclaimed author of a best-selling book or a motivational speaker and sales coach having trained thousands to achieve that perfect successful life, he has emerged with flying colours in all.

The early days:

Drawing inspiration from industry experts like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love, Wayne Dyer and many more made him dwell deep into the subject which helped him build a strong foundation right from the beginning. He was 12, and was already well versed with the workings of the industry, which helped him gain a strong foothold going ahead. On a quest to get answers for many unexplained questions, he built himself a career which helped him top the industry like no one else.

Stepping into the professional realm:

He was outrightly rejected for months together when he tried to set foot into the professional zone initially, which prompted him to join a car dealership, knowing nothing about automobiles or sales. Fortunately, his career graph saw an upward trend and within a few months he was credited as the best salesman. That kick started his sales career and he went ahead to visit various countries delivering sales training to real estate agents across the US. He worked for Tony Robbins for a while before moving to California to build a solar company and later to establish one of the largest blockchain gaming guilds in the space.

Excelling as a best-selling author:

Gathering his years of experiences on record through his book, titled “Always Be Closing”, brought him to the limelight. The book explains in detail the craft of closing sales with success, whether in person or online. It brings forward the best strategies which are guaranteed to skyrocket sales without wasting time on outdated methods.

To know more, connect with him on Instagram @kazravan.

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