While Other Clinics Offer Substandard Service, Top Aesthetics Provides a Premium Experience


America’s top lifestyle and business coach Tony Robbins once said: “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.”

This quote is applicable to most of human life and development. It also holds true for the many business industries in the world, including cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery had a rough history, which unbeknownst to most, is not actually a modern phenomenon. In fact, J P Bennet, in his study in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine on the history of plastic surgery, found that the industry could be traced as far back as 15th century Europe.


The practice of cosmetic surgery has dramatically evolved since then. This is primarily due to experts who have committed their entire lives to revolutionizing the field. Among them include the German Von Graefe, who first used the term “plastik” to describe molding of the tissue, Branca and Antonio Branca, who first performed the nasal reconstruction surgery, and William Morton, who discovered anesthesia.


In today’s modern age, two Florida-based surgeons have earned the right to be included in the list of men and women who have revolutionized cosmetic and plastic surgery.


Dr. Humberto and Dr. Gabriel Palladino, founders of Top Aesthetics, came from a family of physicians, hence their natural interest in the field. However, they quickly found that most cosmetic surgery centers in Florida offered substandard care. So they decided to start their own practice where they pledged to put patients first. Because of this, Top Aesthetics is revolutionizing the entire industry by focusing on two things: patient safety and technology.


When it comes to patient safety, Top Aesthetics prides itself as the only cosmetic surgery center that has control over the whole aspect of the operation: from preoperative to post-operative care. They made it their business to ensure that their patient is a safe surgical candidate before proceeding to the surgical table. Then they make sure that the patient is comfortable by offering a concierge service, private cars, and even massages. Next, the procedure is handled by a team of board-certified doctors and licensed medical practitioners to ensure outstanding results. They also have mastered critical post-op management until the patient finally recovers.


At the same time, the Palladino brothers are always at the forefront of technology, and they make sure that Top Aesthetics will always be at the top of their game. That’s why the company is built on a very advanced patient management system that uses artificial intelligence to allow for more efficient and more responsible patient care.


Top Aesthetics continues to revolutionize the industry as it seeks to pursue excellence in the name of quality patient care. In 2022 alone, they already have a new mobile application in the pipeline that will bring the patient experience to the next level. This app aims to completely revamp the approach to the field of Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine.

The Palladino brothers believe that to truly revolutionize the industry, they must learn how to share their developments with like-minded experts who will further their cause. They’ve built strong strategic alliances with other recognized members of the field to strengthen their presence and educate the public on safe and effective approaches to aesthetics.


With Top Aesthetics at the forefront of the evolution of aesthetics, it is clear that the future of the industry looks bright. The only way to make this even better is if other clinics take a page from the Palladino brothers’ book and prioritize patient care and technology moving forward.

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