Nikita Karizma Drops Gems on Building a Successful Career as Influencer and Content Creator in the Fashion Entertainment Industry


    The famous fashion designer from London, Nikita Karizma, is known for her distinguished contemporary fashion pieces across Europe. The British-Indian designer has studios in both London and LA; however, she primarily works from her London studio with her competent team.


    Speaking about finding her place in the cutting-edge If you are working as a fashion designer, Nikita highlights that maintaining your unique style is the only competitive advantage you can have.


    Coming from a family who knows the fashion business inside out, Nikita has great experience about how this business works. Since her childhood, she was exposed to fashion suppliers, factories, and the designing industry. She summarizes her experience, saying that the fashion industry is a business, so staying innovative in the game would always give you the edge.


    To achieve a successful status in the fashion designing world, Nikita shares that the more you gain experience and relevant education, the better it will be. The designer herself started working in the fashion world from a very young age when she assisted her mother in dressing up multiple Bollywood celebrities in London. Nikita’s time with her mother taught Nikita how to use dressing as a tool to empower women and strengthen their self-confidence.


    Graduating with a first-class honors degree from London College of Fashion, the talented Nikita Karizma started her designer label with the first order from Little Mix for her graduating collection.  She has found her standing in the celebrities and influencer world right after.


    Nikita’s brand has evolved into what it is today through many conversations, projects, and collaborations with celebrities that are influencing the greater good. She infuses everything she has learned through collaborating with the most inspiring girls on the planet into her creations.  She creates beautiful pieces for women to feel beautiful, confident, and special from within. Her fashion wear enables women to empower themselves to share their cheerful voice to the world through their personal appearances and strong personalities.


    Nikita tries and integrates a moral code into her business model through her usage of resources, groups that she partners with, and a percentage of her company’s revenues to a designated charity. The Karizma family visited a Buddhist nunnery run by Mae Chee Sansanee and sixty female nuns during a vacation to Thailand and took responsibility to support them onwards. During the COVID pandemic, Nikita Karizma studio donated 20,000 face masks to schools, local charities, nursing homes, and homeless shelters.


    The designer brand also contributes a portion of its revenues to various charities across the world, playing its part to eradicate homelessness, starvation, and domestic abuse, therefore giving back to communities and raising humanity’s consciousness.

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