Liandra Samproni Shares 3 Ways of Mentally Preparing Yourself to Overcome Any Challenge in Life


Boxing often seems like an extremely challenging sport, taking blows and punches while persevering, and if you are trained well enough, winning. Any athlete within the sport will tell you that success in the ring can only be achieved if your mind is as prepared as well as your body. The same mantra can prove to be just as effective in everyday life, where we need to be prepared for various challenges that can knock us down and keep us from reaching success. Serial entrepreneur Liandra Samproni transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom to a multi-business owner in just a few years, and she explains that preparing herself for every possible challenge helped her do it. Here, Liandra shares three ways to mentally prepare yourself for any obstacle that you might face.

Perfect your mindset.

According to Liandra Samproni, your mindset is the sail that sets the course of your ship and decides whether you sink or reach success. She says, “Never underestimate the power of your mindset; it affects how you perceive every situation that happens to you. If you develop a growth mindset, then every failure becomes a lesson, and challenges become a chance to discover how strong you can be.”

Learn resilience.

Liandra Samproni shares that resilience is a trait that every industry leader has had to develop. It provides you with endless strength when you face life’s challenges. Expanding on this, she explains, “Resilience is like a superpower; once you have mastered it, it will protect you when your ego takes a punch, or your plans fall apart. No matter how challenging the situation you face, when you have an in-built resilience, you will always know how to rise above it.”

Build a great team.

As the founder of multiple successful ventures, Liandra Samproni understands the importance of delegation and utilizing the strengths of others. She shares that every success that her businesses have achieved was made possible because she took the time to build a strong team. She explains, “Surrounding yourself with a determined and talented team allows you to extend your reach across different industries and see each of them flourish.”

Facing challenges is a natural part of life, and no matter how powerful or successful you become, you will always need to improve yourself for rising above each and every challenge. Liandra Samproni believes that we can all defeat these obstacles if we take the time to fortify our minds and develop our inner strength.

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